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Review of 2013- Part 1

We did a lot of stuff in 2013! We're excited to meet our daughter in 2014, but hopefully we'll slow down on all the extra travel and excitement. Come visit us though!

We started the year with a quiet New Years Eve at home. We went for a short visit to see our friends in  Washington, DC and even got to meet my friend Teresa's baby JJ. On the way back, we stopped by Great Grandma Daisy's to exchange some late Christmas presents.

DC Visit- January 2013
In DC with Robin and Cory

I complained that Kevin didn't complain enough. (TMWCA #22) We had a great visit with Grandma Kathy. She met Ben, helped us build a toy kitchen for James, and we all went out for pizza. Kevin and I even got to go out for a date night in Manhattan. Kevin, James, and I watched the second inauguration of President Obama together on TV. James turned 21 months old and started saying words together.
Christina, Rachel and I attended a GW Alumni Event and had a good time.

We took James to the American Natural History Museum in a mistaken attempt to expose him to things. We visited Lukas and Sarah in Queens and ate a ton of BBQ. Snow Storm Nemo was relatively gentle on us. I complained that Kevin agreed with me too much. (TMWCA #23)

American Natural History Museum 2013
James touching dinosaur feet at the American Natural History Museum

Kevin celebrated his 33rd Birthday with more BBQ. We celebrated Valentine's Day with sushi and chocolate which is more my style. Andrew visited us in New York, before we all went to the Cape to surprise Grandma Kathy with a birthday party for her 60th. Laurel turned 5 years old!

March was a big month. I made yet another visit to spend time with Ben. My friend from law school Audra and Rob celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. I celebrated my 34th birthday surrounded by some of my closest girlfriends who traveled from all over to shower me with love for the day. Grandma Kathy babysat for us so we could celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Brady, Sarah, and Jon.

St. Patrick's Day 2013
St. Patrick's Day fun!

I looked back fondly on my spring breaks in the past with Spring Break- A Retrospective! We went to DC and visited Janice and Darren. We visited Teresa and JJ and went to the National Portrait Gallery. We celebrated William B's First Birthday with Sarah and Donald's families.

James started using three words at once- starting his progress towards full sentences. We took James for his first official haircut (though I had been giving the home-haircut for a while). Finally we celebrated Easter with Nana and her friends.

April started happy with a civil rights case that I'd worked on at Dewey settling for $1 million. We enjoyed some good times in Long Island at the LI Children's Museum, Westbury Gardens, and the Cradle of Aviation. James turned 2 years old and had a little party on the Cape to celebrate. We even got to spend a little time on our on the Cape and have a little date night in Chatham.

James's 2nd Birthday Party 2013
My mom "Nana", me, James, Kevin, Kevin's mom "Gaga", and Great-grandma

But things took a sad turn in late April. There was the national tragedy of the Boston Bombing. Then my good friend Chris passed away suddenly leaving behind a beautiful wife and 3 little boys. Just days later we heard that my friend Chrissy's 3.5 year old son Owen was diagnosed with cancer. There are no words for this sadness.

In May, Janice and Darren celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary! Sarah and Aaron visited New York City on their anniversary, and we went out for Korean food. Grandma Kathy also came to see James.

We went to Jones Beach in April and again in May  to run in the sand. James and I celebrated our third Mother's Day together, and Aubree, Teresa, Becky S., and Inga celebrated their first Mother's Day as moms.

Jones Beach - April 2013 
Kevin and James at Jones Beach

As my 5-year law school reunion rolled around, I got nostalgic and wrote about my 1L Year, 2L Year, and 3L Year (2005-2008).

We had some more bad events this month. Our friend Casey was hit by taxi cab in Boston and seriously injured. One of our friends was diagnosed with an illness I didn't blog about to respect that person's privacy. Both my mom and Christina's family were evacuated because there was gas in their buildings-- but luckily they were all okay. My friends' baby Avery was taken to the hospital when she was found unresponsive, but luckily she was also okay. Sadly, Avery's paternal grandmother (Patrick's mom) passed away that same week. After April, I felt like I was constantly holding my breath.

I went to Ash's graduation for her School Psychology Masters! And Becky got her MBA after years of hard work. Kevin and I went on a double date with Nick and Emily and got Himalayan food. Jon celebrated his 33rd birthday with a house party. Kevin, James, and I drove to Richmond to visit Michele. We also swung by Charlottesville, and the National Zoo in DC (TMWCA). Then we had a quiet Memorial Day at home alone. I liked that.

Visiting Michele 2013
At Buz and Ned's BBQ in Richmond with Michele

Nana visited and we took her to our local farm and petting zoo. We enjoyed a double-date with Lukas and Sarah and had Egyptian food for dinner. Jon and Becky celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary, and we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. We visited Cape Cod, and celebrated Grandma Ruth's 90th birthday!

Our 4th Anniversary 2013
Our 4th wedding anniversary on the Cape

Kevin celebrated his third Father's Day with James, and John K, Jon S., and Jeff M celebrated their first Father's Days as dads. Christina and Dan celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. Little Isaac celebrated his 5th birthday.

We had dinner with Cate and Matt and their kids on Long Island. We did tons of fun things when we visited Ash in Warwick, and my mom came by to visit.

Visiting Ash- June 2013

Kevin and I went to Palm Springs, California for Brooke and Marc's wedding. while we were nearby we drove through the Mojave Desert, and spent a night in Las Vegas! This big trip was thanks to Grandma Kathy who stayed with James.

Muphy-McDaniel Wedding 2013
Me and Brooke at her wedding in Palm Springs

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