Friday, April 26, 2013

Chris Sheldon 2013

My friend Chris passed away last weekend from cardiac arrest. He was only 35 years old. I know many of you reading this were also his friend. I last chatted with him online in February after he sent my son James In the Night Garden, a strange British children's book. Technically, Chris was my ex-boyfriend from 9 years ago, but what was important was that he was still, all these years later, my real friend.

He told me his wife Kerrie was beautiful and wonderful. He said she was good to him, better even than he thought he deserved, and that she took great care of him. She gave him everything that made his life good: her love, a home, and three beautiful sons. Because of that, he had grown up. He was serious about his career, and he was serious about providing for his family.

2013 01 16 party
With his wife Kerrie around the time of their 6th wedding anniversary, 2013

He loved his boys like crazy. He would never have left his family by choice; he would have done anything to take care of them. He loved his parents in a completely pure way because he felt they had given him a great childhood, and he was so excited to do the same for his boys. 

2008 07 Chris with Aaron
With his oldest son, Aaron in 2009

2009 06 Chris and 2nd son Finley
With his second son Finley, 2009

2012 11 Cole about 15 months
His youngest son, Cole, 2012

Bracknell, England 2002
With his stepfather and his mum in 2002

Stonehenge, England 2002
Chris and his dad at Stonehenge in 2002

His loss is felt deeply by his family and his friends. We will all miss him dearly and forever. He believed in chasing happiness; that life was for being happy. He definitely found his bliss with Kerrie and his boys. As impossible as it is for his family right now, he would want them to heal and be really happy. He would also want everyone to refer to him as handsome as often as possible. Though he'd probably use the expression "sexy beast."

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