Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My 33rd Birthday in NYC 2012

This was my first birthday as a mom! Which means, that it was a little easier to face 3-3 knowing that no matter what, my boys have my back.  It also means that Kevin watched James so that I could go out and party like I wasn't a mom. But before I left, Kevin and James prepared a super-chocolaty brownie with 3 candles for the big double-3.

My 33rd Birthday 2012
James and Kevin give me a birthday treat

Having a little free time, my first temptation was to go visit Hudson again, and since it's my birthday I indulged the temptation.  Michele met me there and had a little baby-bonding-time too.  Hudson is a little bigger and full of inquisitiveness, but he's still smaller than James was when he was born.  More importantly, Hudson has a much better attitude than James has ever had. (Sorry, James.)

My 33rd Birthday 2012
Christina, Hudson, Michele, and me 

Then Michele and I were off to Brooklyn for a wine tasting and sushi dinner.  The wine tasting was so good that between the two of us, we bought all the wines.  We went to one of Michele's favorite sushi places, Ozu, and I have to say it was really outstanding.  It was much better than average sushi.  I did however question my wisdom in choosing to drink a Lychee martini and sake after I had just come from a wine tasting, but oh well, that's how birthdays are done, right?

My 33rd Birthday 2012
Me and Michele at the wine tasting in Brooklyn

Back in 2006, on my 27th birthday, my friend Sarah taught me the "Fun Things" birthday game, wherein you try to do as many fun things as the age you're turning.  My favorite part of this game is that there is actually a benefit to turning older, and it encourages you to do strange things in order to accumulate the points.  I hadn't played in a few years, but I did this year, and here are my 33 fun things:
  1. I was woken up by my cute husband and baby. James immediately started playing peekaboo with the sheets. I cannot overemphasize the cuteness of this. Happy birthday me! 
  2. I wore my gift from Janice-- pajama jeans. Make fun of them if you want, but I have never worn more comfortable pants. 
  3. I had 2 or 3 coffees with sugar today. No Splenda for the birthday girl! 
  4. And while I was at it... I had some dark chocolate before noon. Yum! 
  5. I used the new camera lens Kevin got me to take photos of James. 
  6. I had to take a shower while I had no help with James which resulted in James busting in and getting drenched. Pretty funny. 

  7. James at 10 Months 2012

  8. I watched a Jersey Shore marathon while I chased James. Specifically, I watched the episodes where Snooki is pregnant, doesn't know, and keeps drinking more and more alcohol. Oh my god, it's like watching a terrible terrible crime being committed on television. I had to stop. 
  9. I cleaned that house which always makes me feel great. And I left things all nice for when Kevin came home and took James. (I know this one is a little boring, but not for me.) 
  10. Kevin was home by 2 pm to take James!
  11. Kevin and James gave me  birthday brownie with 3 candles.
  12. I tried to paint my nails on the LIRR, all LI-trashy-like, and it was a disaster.
  13. I helped Christina build her play-and-pack.  I felt handy and accomplished. 
  14. Time with baby Hudson!
  15. Michele and I went to 61 Local a place in my old neighborhood that didn't exist when I lived there. It's a cute wine and beer bar.  I tried Brooklyn Brusco wine for the first time (from Red Hook). Very tasty.
  16. I finally got Michele to explain her family tree to me so that I didn't need to keep figuring it out piecemeal. Now I know all about her older sister and three younger brothers.
  17. Michele and I went to a wine tasting for local Finger Lakes wines at the Brooklyn Wine Exchange. Fun and fancy.
  18. The wines were so good that we bought all of them.
  19. In fact, the Riesling was my favorite Riesling I have ever tried.
  20. While taking notes on the wines, I wrote under the red, "Tastes like happiness."
  21. They might have let us have a few extra "samples" at the tasting which might have been directly related to our subsequent purchases.
  22. Also related to the above, I started a quote list for the evening. It's quite entertaining, but a bit much to share on the blog.
  23. Michele and I went to a delicious sushi restaurant where I had the best New York roll ever.
  24. I also had the best tempura I've had. It was light and tasty. Not typical fried food.
  25. I sipped sake while telling my Thanksgiving sake story of 1998.  I don't think I've ever told it before, and I'm probably never telling it again. Sorry!  I guess next time you'll know not to miss my birthday. ;)
  26. I enjoyed a Lychee martini and ate the lychee at the bottom- my first lychee!
  27. We had mochi for dessert and if you're keeping track that was my third dessert treat of the day. 3-3!
  28. Michele treated me. So nice of her!
  29. We took the subway home and ended up taking "gangsta" photos on the subway.

  30. My 33rd Birthday 2012

  31. Michele and I had a nightcap at her place. Like I needed that!
  32. Kevin said I didn't have to go home since he had the morning shift with James, so I slept over at Michele's.Yay for not having to catch the last train to Long Island!
  33. I forgot to bring a toothbrush, but Michele just happened to have a brand new one from the dentist.  So lucky!
  34. She also lent me her comfy pink yoga pants.  I might have to get a pair myself now.
  35. I could easily count a 33rd thing that night, but the mocha I drank on the train back home next day, and the warm greeting I received from Kevin and James when I came in the door would beat the other thing I was going to list.
Thank you to everyone that made this birthday so special especially to Michele, the one-woman party! Love you all!


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