Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012!

On Sunday, we celebrated our second Easter with James since he was born even though he's not yet 1 year old. Last year we had him home from the hospital just in time to celebrate Easter with his Nana, Great-grandma Daisy, Uncle David and his girlfriend Melanie.

This year, we were missing all the fun we had celebrating Easter with the Gorski's five years ago in Charlottesville. The Gorskis do it big with martinis and dinner and dessert.  Oh the martinis. So delightful.  Back then, neither Nick and Emily, nor Kevin and I were even engaged.  Now we're old married couples.

Easter 2012
Kevin and James with the Gorski family 

So we drove to Nick's parents in New York to relive the good times.  Nick's parents Betsy and Joe were such amazing hosts! Joe made me the best cosmo I have ever had, and Betsy made a delicious dinner of lamb and vegetables.  James even got to enjoy the potatoes. Betsy also got James his first Easter basket filled with a plush monkey and a Peter Rabbit book! How lovely!

Easter 2012
Emily and Nick's first married Easter

Easter 2012
Nick and James bonding

Easter 2012
Mick and Alex

Easter 2012
The Clous

Easter 2012
Kevin and James playing a little beach-soccer in the front yard

Easter 2012

What a difference a year makes!

Easter 2011
James on Easter last year! What a grumpy-pants!

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