Monday, April 2, 2012

Meeting William B. 2012

We're on a bit of a DC-and-Virginia tour, and I'm so excited we got to meet Donald and Sarah's new baby William.  For one thing, he wasn't even due until March 30, and if he had come late we would have missed him entirely.  We were lucky he came early and that his mother Sarah had started to recover by the time we came to town.  He is a very beautiful bouncing baby boy.  None of the photos reveal this, but in person he looks more like Donald than he does in the photos. At least I think so.

Meeting William B 2012
The Burke Family of three and the Clouther family of three- yay!

It was also nice that the Burkes got to see James again for the first time in about 10 months.  He was a lot more active than he was back then, and they got a little preview of their future as he ran through their house.
Meeting William B 2012
Baby-holding rocks!

And I got to see Sarah's mom too, because she's there helping with the baby for a little while.  She's always lovely.

Meeting William B 2012
Super baskety-cuteness

Meeting William B 2012

Meeting William B 2012
Sarah's mom and baby William's "Gam"

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