Friday, January 23, 2015

Miri is 9 Months Old 2015

Miri is 9 Months 2015
9-month old speed-crawler

Sleep: Around New Years, we started sleep training again... I couldn't bear to let her cry for more than a few minutes so I moved into the kids room temporarily, but as a few nights ago, I'm back in my own room, sleeping sans baby (most of the night). Victory?

We still hold her for naps, but now I rock her to sleep in the glider since I don't nurse or walk-bounce her.

Food: I have been trying to wean her because she has 3.5 teeth: the two on the bottom, one and half on top. She's been somewhat cooperative until recently when she went on formula-strike.  This is because she's really smart now. Seriously. She's also pretty confident at this point that if I'm eating something different than her, it's better than what she has. The fact that she eats so much food is pretty helpful though. I feel like formula is more of a beverage for her than her main meal.

Miri is 9 Months 2015
She looks most like herself when she makes these expressions.

Growth: She's an expert crawler now, though she has her own peculiar style with her right leg sticking out to the side. But she's really fast and can be to the exact spot she's not allowed to be in just a second. She sat up for the first time when we tried to sleep train her on December 30-31. She pulls up and tries to balance standing sometimes. We think she might try to walk soon.

She is in size 6-9 months, 9 months, 9-12 months. I sometimes squeeze her into 6 month pajamas because we don't have the right size and are too lazy to buy them. As mentioned above, she has 3.5 teeth.

Miri is 9 Months 2015
Her height versus James's height.

Personality: Miranda has a great personality. Everybody loves her. She does whatever she wants all of the time and gets everything she wants, which suits her. On the rare occasion that she's unhappy--this only happens several times an hour--she cries until whoever is closest to her cycles through the several hundred things that might make her happy. Then she eats.

She has 1 real word and a few made up ones: 1) Dada- refers to Kevin, and possibly also me, the lesser "dada"; 2) Bwah- made up word meaning "I don't like that"; 3) Num-num-num- means "this is yummy"; 4) Ah-tah- Made-up word meaning "Awesome sauce" I think; 5) Rrrrrrrrr- Look ma, I can roll my rr's.

January 2015
Making art

Me: Miranda and I have a strange relationship right now. She has what we call "mama-itis" which means that if enter the room I have to stay in the room and hold her. But she actually favors Kevin. Unless she's in a bad mood, then she'd rather make me suffer. She's teething, and I'm trying to wean her, and sleep train her, so she has every reason to kind of hate me. But I love her. So much!

January 2015
Smooshy faces

January 2015
She's sneaking up from behind me

Kevin: Miranda and I are in the midst of a honeymoon phase that I expect to last until she moves out or her mother places her on the Orphan Train. Things Miranda and I do to bond include my holding her, my pretending to eat various parts of her anatomy, and my feeding her bottles while I stand in front of a mostly sunny window. She also enjoys almost drowning in the bath.

January 2015
The romance is real

James: Oh they are hilarious! They're not really the right ages to play together yet, but they don't care. They think they're friends.

And they share a room now for real! Over a year after I redecorated the nursery so they could share, but better late than never. The move in was bumpy at first because Miranda cried a lot and James would get up and come to tell us "she was hurt." I slept on an air mattress in the room for a while while she learned to sleep through the night and he learned to stay quiet and not wake her. But now it's going great!

January 2015
Playing hungry hippos together

January 2015
Teaching her to use a sippy cup (in progress)

January 2015
"Sharing" Legos

January 2015
Sibling love attack!

Miri is 9 Months 2015   
In their room together.

Miri is 9 Months 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Patriots Playoff Game 2015

We had some people over for the Colts v. Patriots playoffs game on Sunday. I got super-inspired and made nachos and chili. The nachos were solid, but the chili was my first attempt and not spicy enough at all. Next time I'll step it up.

Also, I put Miranda in her Patriots onesie at the beginning of the day and she immediately spit up all over it. So now we know that's good luck for the Patriots! Super bowl!

Playoffs 2015
Pre-gaming with the kids

Playoffs 2015
Chili and nacho collage.

Playoffs 2015
Kevin, Lukas, Sarah, and Miri post-nachos

Playoffs 2015
So cute!

Playoffs 2015
James bringing Jon a (closed) beverage.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New York Transit Museum 2015

On Saturday we went to the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn because everyone says it's a kid-favorite. It was pretty reasonably priced, and it was very kid friendly in that there was a lot of space where kids could run around and there were multiple buses and subways to play on so that sharing was not a huge issue.

NY Transit Museum 2015
Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

NY Transit Museum 2015
Now boarding!

NY Transit Museum 2015
Kevin teaching him to pump gas!

The concept is pretty cool: the entire museum is housed inside an old subway stop. Be warned though, there's no coat check so if show up with ten million layers you'll be stuck carrying them. You also don't want to deal with stroller on the subway steps.

NY Transit Museum 2015
So many model trains!

NY Transit Museum 2015
Wrong lesson here.

NY Transit Museum 2015
Outside an old subway train.

NY Transit Museum 2015
Inside an old-timey subway train.

NY Transit Museum 2015
Going for a pretend ride underground.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Out with Rachel- January 2015

Finally went out with Rachel! Originally Christina, Rachel, and I had all planned to go out together, but getting three schedules to work together was too hard. Rachel and I picked Mandoo Bar in Koreatown because it was relatively easy from both our locations. Unfortunately we picked possibly the coldest windiest night ever.

Also, we failed to take pictures but here's some of the yummy food we ate: seafood pancakes, Mandoo sampler (pork, shrimp, and veggie dumplings), and beef Bibimbap. Yum!

Mandoo Bar 2015
The seafood pancake was the best.

Mandoo Bar 2015 
The green veggie dumplings were the best of the dumplings.

We were going to get drinks at American Whiskey afterwards, but it was too cold so we gave up when we saw Harringtons. The Yelp reviews are pretty rough, but the bar was fine for our one drink each.

As Rachel and I toasted, "Here's to husbands who are sick of us, and encourage us to go out together!" Haha. Just kidding. Who could ever get sick of us?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Daisy, David, and Melanie- January 2015

Great-Grandma Daisy, Uncle David, and Melanie visited! They are super awesome to come out here and the kids love spending time with them. James even got to practice a little of his Spanish. Thanks!!

Family Visit 2015
With Great-grandma Daisy

Family Visit 2015
Girls time!

Family Visit 2015
How gorgeous are David and Melanie? Very.

Family Visit 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Years Resolutions 2015

 I made a lot of resolutions last year! I only have a few this year though.

I want to address the question: What if I only had a year to live? If I really only had a year to live I wouldn't want to waste it doing all the things I should do, so I'm going to try do them now. This might not be possible, but I'm going to try. Besides, we don't always get a heads up.

In part, I will use this website to help me:
  • Complete our powers of attorney
  • Living wills
  • Healthcare powers of attorney 
  • Related details
  • What would I do for our kids?
  • Time to get serious about teaching the kids Spanish!

My reading list :
  • Gilead by Marilynne Robinson (started)
  • Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates
  • Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage by Alice Munroe 
  • Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon
  • The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • Also fun reads (bonus): the rest of Game of Thrones 4-6, the third Magicians, and Enders Game 
  • One donation a month. I might also encourage you to donate to the one I pick.

Okay, so maybe that's still too many? But I feel really good about them!

A Look Back - January 2015

January! A time for new beginnings! And new parties! Look back with me!

Five Years Ago in 2010
We still lived in Brooklyn, but we spent New Years Eve in upstate New York at Ash's place.

New Year's Day 2010
January 1st, driving around with my homies.

My grandmother Catherine turned 90 years old.  Kevin and I went to a Bruins v. Rangers game and for a few weeks after that I thought I was a Bruins fan. There was a bomb scare near my job that resulted in me going for a lovely lunch away from the scene with Kevin.

I went to Cathy's co-ed baby shower that involved a bar crawl around State College, Pennsylvania. Kevin made fun of me for getting lost in New York (TMWCA).  We went to go see the play "A View Under the Bridge" with Scarlett Johansson.

Steffan Baby Shower 2010
Me and Cathy in University Park

Also, this was the year that the 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, the seventh deadliest earthon record. Five years later, The Economist reports the recovery effort remains half-done.

Ten Ago in 2005
I was living alone in Arlington, Virginia. A large group of us went to a New Year's hotel party in DC and pre-partied at Chrissy's condo in Virginia. Michelle E. and I met the Red Sox World Series trophy at a random bar on U Street one night. Surely a sign of 

New Years Eve 2004 --> 2005
Janice, me, and Chrissy at Chrissy's New Years pre-party 

Red Sox World Series Trophy 2005
Me and Michelle E. with the Red Sox trophy!

My friends from college went to Soraya's bridal shower and then Janice, Christina, Megan, Laurie and I took Soraya for her bachelorette party. We had a lot of fun and crashed at Christina's place in New York. President George Bush had another inaugural parade, and again there were protests in the city. Soraya got married, and Janice and I got caught in a snow storm so we had to stay overnight in Ramsey with my parents. Laurie and I celebrated Janice's 26th birthday with her back in Virginia. From what I can tell from Kevin's pictures he spent the month hiking in Shenandoah- and possibly made a trip to the Cape to visit family. (Though maybe that was the Christmas before?)

Soraya's Bachelorette Party 2005
Megan, Laurie, Soraya, me, Christina, and Janice in New York

Snowing in Ramsey
Me and Janice in a snowstorm! Our faces are frozen like this.

Also, this was the year that the first free Parliamentary elections in Iraq take place since 1958.

Fifteen Years Ago in 2000
I was a junior in college. When we considered where to "party like it was 1999," we decided on New Orleans! Wendy was going to college in Seattle then, but she came to party with us. We also visited the beach in Mississippi while we were there.

People were kind of concerned that the world economy would come to a grinding to a halt because of a computer programming glitch affectionately called Y2K. That didn't happen. This crazy wild goat species went extinct.

2000 01 01 New Orleans 847c
Me, Janice, and Wendy on January 1, 2000

2000 01 02 Mississippi 852b
Janice and I running on the beach in Mississippi

Janice left for her study abroad on Semester at Sea. Those of us who weren't studying abroad celebrated Soraya's birthday. It was a snow day that day so we had all day to do damage. It was a super-fun day.

2000 01 25 Soraya Bday 063b
Cheers to Snow Days!

2000 01 25 Soraya Bday 058b
Later that day... I'm feeling awesome!

2000 01 25 Soraya Bday 059b
So awesome!

Also, the Dot-com bubble peaked that month. So while people who graduated the year before me raked in the dough, I would graduate in slumpy economy. Slumpy is a technical term.

Twenty-five Years Ago in 1990
My parents out for New Years when I was in 5th grade:

0000 new 615
Mom and Dad 1990

Apparently we invaded Panama that year to overthrow Manuel Noriega, but since I was 10, I didn't pay much attention to this.

Thirty Years Ago in 1985
I was 5, and I was still living with my grandparents in West New York. Someone was inventing the internet domain system. Ronald Reagan was sworn in for his second term. My grandfather was probbaly pretty excited about this, and if it was televised he probably called me over to watch it. "We Are the World" is recorded by USA for Africa. I remember singing this a lot!

Thirty-five Years Ago in 1980
Kevin's mom Kathy had her baby shower when she was pregnant with Kevin. He's in her belly!

1980 01 Kathy Baby Shower 663
Kathy's baby shower

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How About Those 2014 Resolutions?

The blog has a lot of nice perks. I'm not sure if New Year's resolutions accountability is one of these perks or not. I made a lot of resolutions last year! This is the result.

On  my "Must" list:
  • We did complete our wills and check on the amount of life insurance, but we didn't complete our powers of attorney, living wills, and healthcare powers of attorney. I think this is because even though I understand the necessity of a will the other things seem so much more theoretical. 
  • I finished all my dental work, and now I have healthy teeth and gums!
  • I didn't back-up my entire computer.
  • I didn't finish James's baby book
  • I didn't a picture of Miranda every day (though I have taken pictures of her most days, and some days way too many). 
  • My walking pretty much followed my resolution. It dropped off significantly after it got cold, though I specifically said I would not do it in the cold. I do really want to go for walks. 
On my "Would like to" list :
  • Read more (quality) books! I read some books this year, but not the ones I intended to read and not as many as I intended. I will need to rethink this goal for this year. 
  • I did cook more quality dinners.... but this dropped off after Miranda was born mostly because she naps right when I'd like to be cooking. But I definitely cooked a lot more this year than last year. And I tried lots of new recipes.
  • I did not learn to bake.
  • I did not baptize the kids. That's been a fail. 
  • I did not learn Italian this year. That was a little crazy since anyway since I had a baby this year. 
Here's two that weren't originally on my list:
  • We donated more to charity. I think we gave ten times this year! 
  • I lost the baby weight I gained with Miranda!
  • I actually started culling my dad's books. I am 3/26ths done. We're going to call this one started, not completed.
Okay, so did I have too many resolutions? I think no. I accomplished 6 pretty big things! I think I did more than if I had just made one or two resolutions. Any suggestions for my 2015 resolutions?

Thanksgiving 2014
A couple more 2014 accomplishments.

Link within

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