Monday, August 25, 2014

A Look Back- August 2014

Hello, August!

Five Years Ago in 2009
Kevin and I were newlyweds living in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. We went to an M. Ward concert in Central Park, but then I had to skip the Red Sox-Orioles game we had planned because I was too busy with work (TMWCA #3).  Kevin went to the house upstate and Lake Placid with me and my parents for the first time. This trip was most notable for the awesome trolley ride Kevin and I took around Lake Placid. Ash visited me and Michele in Manhattan for the evening.  I complained that this blog was getting kind of boring... five years ago! Oh-oh!  Are you still reading?

A bunch of us crashed at Kevin's aunt's Cape Cod cottage for the weekend, went to the beach, and ate the second-best ice cream in the area.  Cory and Robin got engaged, and so did Jeff and Inga! Finally, I bemoaned evolution's shortfalls.  Opposable toes really would be handy.

Lake Placid 2009
My family in Lake Placid, 2009

Kevin and Jon's good friend Erik passed away on his 30th birthday. He is missed.

Ten Years Ago in 2004
I was 25 and living in Arlington, Virginia. Brooke and I went to a Cyndi Lauper concert at Wolf Trap. I also went to Tony Bennett at Wolf Trap with some college friends. Some guy I was dating took me to a Sarah McLaughlan concert. "Sarah McLaughlan? Did you get these tickets for some other girl you were dating?" He admitted he did. It was a rough dating world out there!

Luckily for me that very month fate was in motion. Kevin moved back to Charlottesville with his then girlfriend. Good thing because it would have been hard for me to meet him if he'd stayed in Ann Arbor, Michigan! He started teaching creative writing at Bridgewater College.

Kevin moved back to Charlottesville this month. 
Kevin moves back to Charlottesville, 2004

I had an amazing time with good friends at the Virginia Wine Festival. Janice and I went to visit Jamie at his mom's house in Pennsylvania.

Wine Festival 2004
Virginia Wine Festival! 2004

Fifteen Years Ago in 1999
I was 20 and living in DC. I finished up my internship at World Resources Institute, went to a Soul Coughing concert before they broke up, and went back to college, now a junior.

1999 08 Keiths Arlington Party 877b 
Me with some college friends: Amy, Nate, Candice, and Tom, 1999

Twenty Years Ago in 1994
I was 15 and living in Ramsey, NJ with my parents. Probably I wasn't enjoying the summer as much as I should have because I had some English summer assignment I was procrastinating hanging over my head. Oh well. 

1994 07 Summer Upstate new 372 
My parents and I at the Shelbourne Museum, the year  I promised to wear
my Shelbourne Museum sweatshirt always, and then never wore it, 1994

Thirty Years Ago in 1984
I was 5 and living with my grandparents in West New York, NJ.

1984 08 Summer 643
Playing catch with my grandma Mima, maybe 1984

Thirty-five Years Ago in 1979
I had a chair that sat on a chair. Super cool, super fly.

1979 Baby E 252
5 or 6 months old, maybe.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Visit from Trey and Sunny 2014

Sunny, Trey, Cort, and Max came to visit us which was so fun because Cort is close to James's age and and Max is close to Miri's age. Not that Max and Miri are so social right now, but still, it's cool. We hung out and took the kids to the park. Simple, relaxing fun.

Trey and Sunny Visit 2014
At the park!

One of the cutest things was that James and Cort had a sleepover in James's room and in the morning when they woke up, Sunny heard them chatting on the baby monitor. James told Cort that they had to wait for the bunny to get up before they left their beds (referring to a special alarm clock we gave him to keep him in bed later).  Cort told James that he was going to see trains today. How cute!

Trey and Sunny Visit 2014
James and Cort climbing everything

Trey and Sunny Visit 2014

Trey and Sunny Visit 2014
And they're off!

This was our first time meeting Max and he's the coolest little guy. He hangs out and smiles and charms like crazy. He loved our jumperoo and it was so fun to watch him have a good time.

Trey and Sunny Visit 2014
Miranda fell asleep with Dada

Trey and Sunny Visit 2014
Max is the cutest sweetest kid. I love him.

Trey and Sunny Visit 2014
Day 2 at the park- stroller train!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Baby Otto 2014

Our friends Jim and Lisa had a adorable nugget of a baby boy this week! Please welcome baby Otto to the blog family! So many beautiful babies this year!

08 05 Otto

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Owen and Family 2014!

My friends Chrissy and Jason's 4 year old Owen IS CANCER-FREE! This is simply the best news ever. We were so excited when they came to New Jersey and had some time for us. So excited! The trip did not disappoint one bit. I practically cried with joy a hundred times.

New Jersey 2014
Gwen's family + Regan's family + Chrissy's family + mine!

Seeing Owen and James play is such a sweet pleasure, and it was the first time I met Gwen's daughter Alana. It was Miranda's first trip to New Jersey and everyone's first time meeting her.

New Jersey 2014
Chris brought the bubbles- brilliant!

New Jersey 2014
Owen chasing bubbles! I love it!

New Jersey 2014
Alana and Hailey

New Jersey 2014
Even Miranda got a bubble!

With so many kids it was great to have so much room. The kids played in the front of the house, the backyard, and the basement. I have so many childhood memories of my own at Chrissy's house (even my Sweet 16 was here!) that it was so fun and strange to see our kids playing there. Especially, since my kids have never been to the places I lived as a child.

New Jersey 2014
A weird kick ball game that involves two balls!

New Jersey 2014
Two little birds laying eggs.

New Jersey 2014
Pretty mamas and their littlest ones

I wish we all lived closer so we could do this all the time!

New Jersey 2014
Indoor chaos is fun!

New Jersey 2014
Great visit!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Cape Cod- August 2014

So even though we saw Grandma Kathy the previous weekend, we went up to Cape Cod last weekend because it was Aunt Nesie's 60th birthday, she wanted to meet Miranda, and also we wanted to meet Katie's new beau Biggie.

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
Miranda's second visit to the Cape and Great-grandma Ruth's!

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
James at Johnny Kelly Park

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
Same little squinty eyes

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
Miranda meeting Auntie Nesie

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
Poor James was already in bed when this kids' party broke out! #CapeLife

Plus James loves the Cape because there's always a million kids around. Even though Ellen is almost four years older than him, he adores her, and she's probably his best friend in the whole world (apart from family). And he got to meet Emalee's kids: Ben, Aubrey, and Jack. Grandma Kathy took him and Aubrey to his first live performance on Saturday to see Ellen perform in Dr. Dolittle at the Harwich Junior Theater!

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
James and Aubrey

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
Ellen, Aubrey, and James after the show

We only managed to spend a little quality time with Katie and Mike on Saturday night. We had to head out in the middle of the night again so that Miranda would sleep through most of the travel. Otherwise she's so miserable it borders on child abuse, and parent abuse at that.

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
Miranda and Auntie Katie

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
James, Mike, and Harry the dog

Cape Cod- Aug 2014
More Great-grandma time!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Baby Asher 2014!

Our friends Aubree and Patrick had their second baby, Asher, this week! He's a blog-record-breaking baby at over 10 pounds and record-breaking cuteness.  Oh my gosh, squeal! He looks a little like Patrick's dad right now I think. But we'll have to wait to be sure because babies morph so quickly in the first month or two.

Asher born- July 2014
Baby Asher rocks

Asher born- July 2014
Big sister Avery meets her new little brother

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Clou Blog's 5th Anniversary!

Five years ago on the three-year anniversary of meeting Kevin, and shortly after getting married, I started this blog! A lot has happened since then! For the short version check out my year reviews below. This blog is definitely a labor of love. I really enjoy writing it, taking photos for it, and reading back on the old posts. Especially with a second baby now, it's so fun to look back and see if things were different with the first.

So many things have happened in five years it's hard to believe it's been such a short time. We lost my dad. We lost two very young friends Erik and Chris. We lost three grandparents. We had two beautiful children and our friends now have 36 more children among them (21 of them boys!). There have been another twenty-three friend-weddings in the last 5 years. My mother and Owen beat cancer! Kevin published his first book. Life is a rough ride and we're so lucky to have each other for it. All of us. That's why I've never changed the banner- because we're all in it together.

My year reviews since I began the blog:

2009: Second half of the year, starting from when we got married
2010: First half and second half (when we lost my dad)
2011: First half when James was born and second half
2012: First half and second half
2013: First half and second half

But of course, probably the best part of the blog has been Kevin's 41 posts so far. I'll try to get him to write more!

Us through the first five blog years:

Our Wedding, Cape Cod, June 2009

Our First Anniversary 2010
One-year Wedding Anniversary, Brooklyn, June 2010

James at 2 Days Old 2011
Our son James is born!, Long Island, April 2011

James's 1st Birthday Party 2012
James's First Birthday, Long Island, April 2012

Visiting Ash- June 2013
Ta-da! Warwick, NY, June 2013

Miranda- 2 Days 2014
Our daughter Miranda is born!, Long Island, April 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Grandma Visits- July 2014

Grandma visited last weekend. We had Thai food one night, and I tried a new recipe in the crockpot another night (with limited success), and we had lots of wine. And most exciting- Grandma got Miranda to laugh for the first time! Take a look at these ridiculously cute photos!

Grandma Visits- July 2014
Watching a video together

Grandma Visits- July 2014
Grandma got Miranda to laugh for the first time!

Grandma Visits- July 2014
This is a rattle.

Grandma Visits- July 2014
Go ahead, chew on it.

Grandma Visits- July 2014

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