Friday, July 25, 2014

Nana Visits- July 2014

I am really far behind on posts, but Nana came to visit two weeks ago, and I failed to get a lot of cute pictures like I usually do. Nana helped a lot by getting Miri to take naps which is a constant struggle around here. Thanks, Nana!

Nana Visits- July 2014
Smooshy-faced besties

Nana Visits- July 2014
Haha, Miri's photo patience is exhausted.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

We did nothing for the Fourth of July this year because Miranda is only 2 months old, plus the fireworks were rained out every where. But here's what happens when Kevin picks out our Fourth of July outfits.

Fourth of July 2014

Fourth of July 2014
We look so tired...

July 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

World Cup 2014

This was the first World Cup for both James and Miranda. I wasn't even pregnant with James during the last one (that happened a few weeks later). We've tried to get James interested but he doesn't really understand the difference between sports yet, and doesn't know what countries are. He finds the games so boring that he asks us to take the "baseball" off TV.

Luckily the America v. Belgium game that Lukas and Sarah came over for was mostly after James' bedtime. Sadly we lost. Boo, Belgium. Pass me a Belgian beer to drown my sorrows in.

  World Cup 2014
Sarah and James snuggling

World Cup 2014
Two men and a baby

World Cup 2014
More time with Miri- I think it's the third time Sarah's seen her already!

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Look Back- July 2014

Wow, July! No wonder I love summer.

Five Years Ago in 2009
Kevin and I were newlyweds and life was good! We were living in Brooklyn but we celebrated the Fourth of July at Jaime's place in Arlington, Virginia with a fun mix of friends. My dad turned 60. Our friends Wendy and Clark had a somewhat impromptu wedding on the same day. Aubree and Patrick got engaged!

Griffin-Knudsen Wedding 2009
Clark and Wendy's wedding day 2009

I started this blog. Kevin started writing Things My Wife Complains About (TMWCA). The first one was, Her Coffee Being Too Heavy and the second one was Allowing Her to Nap.

Ten Years Ago in 2004
July of 2004 was one of the best months of my young confused life. I was 25 and living in Virginia by myself, volunteering on the Kerry Presidential Campaign, meeting people, and enjoying my family. I will tell the story in interpretive dance... no? How about in pictures then?

Fourth of July 2004
My parents came to visit me in Virginia. Laugher is love.

Fourth of July 2004
On the 4th of July, my dad and I took the metro into DC and watched the fireworks on the Mall

Post-Fourth of July 2004
My friends and I were young and hot. (Cathy, me, Becky)

Post-Fourth of July 2004
I was really skinny. Sigh.

Bill Clinton Book-Signing
Former President Bill Clinton signed my book, and gave me an "I care deeply" look. 
Seriously. (My friend Julie is my witness.)

Girls' Weekend 2004
My college girlfriends and I went on our first of many Girls' Weekends at Dewey Beach.

Hotdog Day on the Hill 2004
I mingled on the Hill with people who don't deserve my mention.

Boston 2004
I visited my friend Allison in Boston, and she was super awesome to me for a whole week.

Boston 2004
Jaime and I went to Shakespeare in the Park in Boston Commons

Democratic Nat'l Convention 2004
I was "Access Control" at the Democratic National Convention,
and I got to see my favorite president, former President Jimmy Carter!

Democratic Nat'l Convention 2004
I also saw both of the Clintons, but I already posted Bill, so here's Hillary.
(Then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama was there too, but I didn't get a picture.)

Democratic Nat'l Convention 2004
Selfie with John Cusack, yo.

Democratic Nat'l Convention 2004
And a blurry shot with Jerry Springer, who is not-surprisingly a little creepy/nice

Fifteen Years Ago in 1999
This July was pretty awesome too. It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college, and my first summer living away from home. I insisted on making my friends call it, "THE SUMMER OF OUR LIVES" but of course, only I called it that. But still, I think it helped make it more awesome. So here goes... lots more pictures!

1999 07 02 Fourth of July Weekend 728c
I was a member of the Spice Girls. (Chrissy, Candice, me, Stacy, Amy)

1999 07 04 Fourth of July on the Natl Mall 747c
Fourth of July on the National Mall with no security check-points or lines!
And we didn't know how awesome it was.

1999 07 10 Dayles NY Pool Party 754
My first time in Long Island for my sorority sister Dayle's pool party (Megan, Sam, me)

Dad's 50th Birthday Luau 1999
We celebrated my dad's 50th birthday (after surviving cancer) with a Luau

1999 07 17 Afternoon in NY 763c
I got to show my friends around New York (Ask me the story of
how Candice saved me from an acid-laced contact in my eye that day!)

1999 07 17 Afternoon in NY 764b
Me and Chrissy on top of the Empire State Building (on a foggy day, whoops)

1999 07 24 Eriks Goodbye Party 784b
We threw a going away party for Erik with many Czechs.

Twenty Years Ago in 1994
I lived with my parents in New Jersey and it was the summer in between my freshman and junior year in high school. Not a lot of photography back then. Haha.

1994 07 Summer Upstate new 374
I went to Upstate New York with my parents and my dog, Linda.

1994 07 Summer Upstate new 372
We went to the Shelbourne Museum in Vermont

Thirty-five Years Ago in 1979
I did not look like Miranda.

1979 07 Baby E 255

Friday, July 11, 2014

Visiting Pete, Adrienne, and Leni 2014

On Sunday, we headed back but made a stop at Pete and Adrienne's place. We saw Pete recently, but haven't seen Adrienne and Leni in a while, and none of them had met Miranda. We sipped wine on their porch, had dinner, and watched the kids play. A nice interlude from Miranda screaming on the highway!

Pete and Adrienne 2014
Leni (tickling Miranda), Miranda, and Pete

Pete and Adrienne 2014
James cracks me up in this one.

Pete and Adrienne 2014
There's Adrienne!

Pete and Adrienne 2014
Lots of stuff happening here.

James loved spending time with Leni. She's a little older than him, but he was happy to follow her lead in the playroom.

Pete and Adrienne 2014
Dinner date!

Pete and Adrienne 2014
Ballerinas and superheroes! Of course.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cape Cod Weekend- June 2014

Friday and Saturday we tried to cram in all the fun things we hadn't yet had a chance to do. After the Cape Cod Natural History Museum, Kevin went for a short kayak ride by himself, and then took James for a short little ride around. Grandma went to the pond with them while I stayed in feeding and napping Miranda.

Cape Cod- June 2014
Kayaking in Follins Pond on Friday

We had dinner at Great Grandma's. Grandma made swordfish and veggies and Uncle Dickie grilled them up. James played with Dickie's 50-year old toy bar set while he waited for dinner!

Cape Cod- June 2014
Delicious grilled swordfish outside

Cape Cod- June 2014
Dickie's childhood toy barn, still in good shape!

Cape Cod- June 2014 
Dessert- yum!

Cape Cod- June 2014
Uncle Dickie reading to James before bedtime.

James went to sleepover at Grandma's. We weren't exactly free though because Miranda doesn't take a bottle or go to sleep until very late, so we put her in pajamas and took her to get ice cream for me. The Smuggler is not my favorite ice cream place on the Cape, but it was the closest so Miranda tolerated the ride reasonably well. And I've decided they do frozen yogurt much better than they do ice cream, so as long as I stick that it's a win.

Cape Cod- June 2014
Friday night ice cream date at the Smuggler's

Saturday, James woke up at Grandma's and had some decadent breakfast she made him, then they went to the pond. Kevin, Miranda, and I ran out for lobster rolls at Sesuit Harbor.

Cape Cod- June 2014
Saturday- Back to the pond with Grandma!

Cape Cod- June 2014
Miranda is all 'tude at Sesuit Harbor

Then we started getting overly ambitious and thought we could do a few minutes at a Cape Cod League game. Miranda was her usual fussy self, and James had a total meltdown because there was a playground right behind the field and he wanted to play instead of watching the game. Letting him play for a short while did not appease him at all. He is not a fair negotiator at this age. Disaster.

Cape Cod- June 2014
Cape Cod League

We rejoined Grandma at Ryan's high school graduation at Dolores and Dave's place.

Cape Cod- June 2014
Chilling with grandma

Cape Cod- June 2014 
Licking his second cupcake.

Sunday we cleaned up Nesie's house all morning (glamorous) and then went home by way of Pete and Adrienne's house. To be continued in Norton, Massachusetts.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cape Cod Natural History Museum 2014

Grandma wanted to take James to the Cape Cod Natural History Museum, and we thought it would be fun to join them. It's definitely a museum geared to little kids and they even had little step stools set up everywhere so the little ones could see exhibits better.

There's an upper level with reptiles, amphibians and bugs, and below there are birds and fish.

Cape Cod MNH 2014
James is tormenting an Eastern Box Turtle

Cape Cod MNH 2014
Kevin and Miranda and the shark tank

Cape Cod MNH 2014
A honeycomb full of bees- the stuff of nightmares!
(Grandma is pointing out the Queen Bee.)

 Cape Cod MNH 2014
Kevin and Miranda watching the birds in the marsh.

Cape Cod MNH 2014
The downstairs stuffed bird section.

Cape Cod MNH 2014
James always calls Miranda a turkey. This is our comparison picture.

Cape Cod MNH 2014
Looking at fish, sting rays, and other marine life in an open fish tank

Cape Cod MNH 2014
Showing Miranda the jelly fish- these have a mild sting.

Cape Cod MNH 2014
James loves the turtles.

Cape Cod MNH 2014
So cute!

Outside there's a garden, and two walking trails. We did half the John Wing Trail through the marsh to the little "Stonehenge" they officially call the Solar installation.

Cape Cod MNH 2014
James in the shark cutout in the garden

Cape Cod MNH 2014
Walking with Grandma through the marsh

Cape Cod MNH 2014 
On the John Wing Trail

Cape Cod MNH 2014
The Osprey nest

Cape Cod MNH 2014
Feeling the vibes in Little Stonehenge

Cape Cod MNH 2014
A little rest

Cape Cod MNH 2014
A flower for his favorite sister.

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