Monday, November 24, 2014

Miri is 7 Months Old! 2014

November 2014
Seven months!

Sleep: Her sleeping has gotten even worse. I hold her for all her naps. We used to be able to put her down from 7:30-11 pm but she doesn't always tolerate that. She sleeps in the bed with us, we don't even pretend to put her in the co-sleeper crib anymore, and disassembled it. We're planning on maybe moving her to the crib after Thanksgiving, cutting night feedings, and sleep training her. We'll see!

Food: She nurses, drinks formula, and eats baby food every day now. She likes: oatmeal. apple sauce, bananas, yogurt, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, and she kind of hates green beans but still eats it because it's better than just milk all the time. She sort of like apples in the little mesh baby feeder.

November 2014
What I do when I have to cook. She doesn't feed herself, but
entertains herself trying for a while.

Growth: She's still in 6-month clothing. I think she's 18 or 19 pounds.

She's still not interested in rolling. When James was this age, he'd roll anywhere he wanted to go. She sits somewhat dubiously and we put little pillows behind her in case she falls. On her 7-month birthday she started scooting forward from her sitting position to get to toys (usually James's toys that she shouldn't have). We have nicknamed her "Scooty."

She still likes us to hold her so that she can stand, and she can stand leaning for a few seconds on her own.

She's teething so she spends all day chewing on things. The two bottom teeth have made holes in her gums but so far the teeth can't be seen.

Personality: She's very inquisitive. She likes going through her little toy box and struggles to reach for James's toys, but also things that belong to me and Kevin like our phones, laptops and remotes.

She's also pretty grumpy except for right after her first two naps of the day. She takes a third nap still but she's never really that cheerful after that one. Although in her defense, she's easy to soothe- she just wants to be held constantly.

She's been having some stranger-danger reactions to our friends and to the babysitter but usually gets over it shortly. What she doesn't get over is her mama-preference. If she's with anyone else and I walk out of the room, or in and out, she gets really upset.

November 2014
Kissing her favorite baby.

November 2014
Going through her toy box.

November 2014
Catching up on a little reading.

Eating everything
Me, Kevin, James
Putting everything in her mouth
Looking at herself in the mirror
Having her picture taken
Sleeping in our bed snuggled with me
Her favorite song is "Do your ears hang low?" Runner up: Twinkle, Twinkle

Doesn't hate:

Sitting in the bath (we have to stand her up like she's taking a shower)
Driving in the car in the daytime
Being ignored, like at all, even for a second

Me: I'm back to pre-Miranda weight! Hooray! But I'm not back to pre-James weight, which was itself not so great. So 5 more pounds to pre-James weight, then I set my new goal. I think breastfeeding is actually helping, though I was dubious for a long time. I think the trick for me was to keep nursing past the 6-month mark. Work was crazy again this month, though it was really helpful to have a babysitter. I was hoping my work would slow down a bit after our big hearing but it has not.

October 2014
I still like to rock my maternity wear though because it's comfy.

Kevin: Kevin didn't volunteer anything this month but he's totally wrapped around Miranda's little finger. That's probably what he's doing right now actually, holding her while she sleeps or something similar. The other day he was smooching her, and I walked into the room. She whipped around comically like she'd been caught red-handed.

November 2014

November 2014
The look of love.

James: James and Miranda are starting to experience a little tension over sharing or not sharing toys. He's really in love with her though, and seems convinced that she's some kind of pet of his, so that smooths over their difficulties. Plus James has a lot going on in his world! With school and the babysitter, he has an active social calendar. He's teaching himself to spell all sorts of words (he already spells James, mama, and dada on his own), counting past ten (they might be doing that at school?), addition, and reading the clock. Seriously, these are James-led activities. I am not tiger-momming him, I swear. I am trying to get him to understand a little Spanish now but it's slow going. The phrases he understands are: me gusta, muy bien, por favor, de nada, ten cuidado, ven.

October 2014
Miranda stealing Legos

November 2014
Hi, we're cute.

October 2014
James and his mini-me.

November 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

Nana Visits- November 2014

Things have been really busy at work, so last weekend when Nana visited, instead of going out on our own for a little while, we holed up in our office and worked.

Nana Visits- Nov. 2014
Nana reading in Spanish to James

Nana Visits- Nov. 2014
Look Miranda is entertaining herself for little periods now!

Nana Visits- Nov. 2014
Nana dressed them up like Cubans

Nana Visits- Nov. 2014
We let Nana have a little taste of Halloween

Nana Visits- Nov. 2014
Group pics!

Nana Visits- Nov. 2014
Happy pajama time!
Nana Visits- Nov. 2014
Dinner buddies, James and...

Nana Visits- Nov. 2014
... Miranda. Both are BIG eaters.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Look Back- November 2014

November is all about Thanksgiving. Both Kevin's brother and my brother have their birthdays in November. Kevin and I also got engaged in November, seven years ago. So November can be a pretty cool month sometimes.

Five Years Ago in 2009
Becky's friends celebrated her completion of the New York Marathon by eating burgers at Shake Shack. I think this was the first time I personally knew someone who ran the New York marathon. Or knew about Shake Shack.

Kevin and I went out to Manhattan to celebrate my brother David's 21st birthday.  His friends were really nice, and we all had a great time drinking and dancing. We had brunch with Lukas and Sarah in Brooklyn. We could just do stuff like that at a moments notice because we didn't have kids. Ha!

David's 21st Birthday 2009
David's 21st birthday 2009

On my way to work one day, I saw people walking three camels down the street in Manhattan (Rockefeller Christmas show!). A few of our friends went to a Boston Celtics v. NY Knicks at Madison Square Gardens. A bunch of celebrities were sitting in the court-side seats. James W. crashed with us for a few weeks in our Brooklyn apartment. I have no memory of him living with us except I think we drove him a little crazy (and not the other way around).

Boston Celtics v. NY Knicks 2009
At the Celtics v Knicks game

Kevin and I celebrated our first married Thanksgiving with his family and had a second Thanksgiving dinner with my dad's family the following night!

Thanksgiving 2009
Thanksgiving with Kathy's family

Thanksgiving 2009
Day after Thanksgiving with my Dad's family

Ten Years Ago in 2004
President Bush was reelected. There was sadness. But we drank away the pain during an epic Girls' Night Out.

Girls' Night- November 2004 
Laura, Brooke, Chrissy, and me at some club in DC

Todd and Nicole's Engagement Party
Nicole and Todd got engaged! Now they're married and have a lot of kids! Four, I think?

Kevin was 24, living in Charlottesville, and hanging out with Brady.

Hightop Peak
Hiking with Brady

I had a really nice Thanksgiving that year in Cape Cod with my dad's family.

Thanksgiving 2004 
Me, Dad, and Mom

Thanksgiving 2004
Uncle Richard, cousin Griffin, and Aunt Elaine

Thanksgiving 2004
Catherine and Jim

Bryan's 25th Birthday
Me and Chrissy eating sushi when I got back to NoVa

Fifteen Years Ago in 1999
If I keep describing everything I might never put up this post, so photo-dump:

1999 11 05 Initiation 911b2 
Sorority stuff: Meghan (big), me, Sarah (little)

1999 11 19 ADPi Semi-Formal 034c
Sorority Semi-formal: One of the best nights I had a college. So fun!!

Twenty Years Ago in 1994

1994 11 19 Sophomore Homecoming 003
Highschool Homecoming Dance with Chrissy

Cape Cod- Konica
Thanksgiving on Cape Cod

Twenty-five Years Ago in 1989
Thanksgiving in upstate New York with my dad's family.

Thanksgiving 1989

Thanksgiving 1989
Dad on top of kind of high rock, but I cut off the picture funny.

Thanksgiving 1989
Aunt Elaine and Uncle Nick (aka Bob)

Thirty Years Ago in 1984

1984 11 Family Photos 169
Kevin's family at Thanksgiving: Chris, Nesie, Katie, Andrew, Kathy, and Kevin

1984 11 Family Photos 165
Andrew's first birthday! (I had a smurf birthday too!)

1984 11 Thanksgiving Play 672
I was in the the kindergarten Thanksgiving play. I was an awesome Pilgrim.

Thirty-five Years Ago in 1979
This is how my Hispanic family used to roll. It's my cousin Roberto's birthday. I'm the baby in the front, and that's my grandmother holding me, and my grandfather with his arm on her. My parents are to the left of batman.

1979 11 13 Robertico Birthday 433
Roberto's birthday

Friday, November 7, 2014

Our Friends on Halloween 2014

All of our friends looked adorable on Halloween so I thought I'd feature some here.

First, let's start with the happiest Halloween ever. Last year Owen was getting stem cell treatment for his cancer, and this year he was running down the street trick-or-treating. So this wins for awesomest happiest Halloween picture:

Halloween Kids 2014
Owen and Hailey

I am biased in favor of awesome group costumes- so they come next!:

Halloween Kids 2014
The Where's Waldo crew: Rachel, Tim, Eleanor and Isaac-Waldo

Halloween Kids 2014
Wizard of Oz: Michele-Dorothy and friends

Halloween Kids 2014
Jim and Lisa the vampires and theirs son Otto as a bat 

Family cuteness:

 Halloween Kids 2014
Kevin's tiny princess cousin Abigail

Mike and Havi 2014
Kevin's cousin Mike and Mike's gf Havi

Childhood friends and their kids:

Halloween Kids 2014
Casey's kids, Oliver and Laurel (far left)

Halloween Kids 2014
Jon's kid Ben as Elmo

Halloween Kids 2014
Trey and Sunny's pirate Cort and parrot Max

Halloween Kids 2014
Neil the ape and his baby banana Bettina (and mom Ann)

College friends and kids:

Halloween Kids 2014
Christina and Dan's superhero Hudson

Halloween Kids 2014
Megan and Ed's Buzz Lightyear William

Halloween Kids 2014
Princess Meghan and her knight Evan and ninja Nate

Halloween Kids 2014
Batman-Cory and Cat Lady-Robin, although this would have 
been a perfect opportunity for Robin to be Batman's Robin 

Halloween Kids 2014
Jeff and Inga's panda Silas

Other adorable friends:

Halloween Kids 2014
Cathy's princesses Madison and Kennedy

Halloween Kids 2014
Anna's kids: fairy Clara, lion Maxwell, Hogwarts student Abby, Princess Leah Lydia

I only had one fur baby submission this year:

Halloween Kids 2014
Janice and Darren's Fudgie the spider

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