Tuesday, April 15, 2014

James Quotes Before Turning 3 years old 2014

James turns 3 next week! I can't believe it how hilarious he's become in the last couple of months. The best part is that he laughs at his own jokes. He thinks he's hilarious. One of his regular gags is to get some unsuspecting adult to recite something and then suddenly interrupt them by yelling, "a turkey!" Um? Mind you, this is not my sense of humor or Kevin's. That's a James-special there.

Here are some of the best ones I've gotten down recently.

J (at 8 am): Ice cream!
E: Are you crazy?
J: I love you so so much.
E: Aw, I love you too.
J: Ice cream, please, Mama.
- 2/4/14

J: Foonee.
E: Foonee?
J: No, foonee.
E: I don't understand.
E: I don't know.
J: Mako.
E: Mako? What?
J: No, mango!
E: Oh a mango smoothee! Oh.
- 2/6/14

Smoothie 2014 
Enjoying mango smoothie that he transferred to his tea cup.

J: What's this?
E: What? Your hood?
J: What's this? [indecipherable]
E: I don't understand your question.
J: I have a serious question! I have a serious question!
- 2/10/14

J: Can I have a banana?
E: Why don't you wait, buddy? You've only been up 2 hours and you've eaten oatmeal, yogurt, milk, and a lot of apple sauce. We'll have yummy stuff at lunch.
J: More applesauce. 1, 2, 3, 4?
E: That's a lot of food!
J: But I still hungry!
E: Are you really?
J: Yes. (starts laughing)
E: Why are you laughing then?
- 2/12/14

J: "Put the poop on time out."
K: "Put the poop on time out? Did you poop?"
J: "Yeah."
- 3/1/14

J: You're the moon.
E: The moon! What are you then?
J: A rocketship.
E: A rocketship! I guess that works. What's Dada?
J: A bus!
E: A bus?
J: Yeah.
(I guess Dada won't be visiting me anymore.)

Bookstore 2014
James driving a fire truck

(In the car)
J: You're going too fast, Dada!
E: Dada's going slow.
J: You're going too fast.
E: What an old lady!
J: You're an old lady.
E: Burn!
J: (laughing) You're an old lady too, Dada.
- 3/26/14

K: James, can you help me with something in your room?
J: I'm drawing.
K: I appreciate your artistic endeavors but I need your help. Will you come help me?
J: Not actually. But maybe later, okay?
K: Really? "Call me, maybe?"
- 3/26/14

  St. Patrick's Day 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby Anna 2014!

My friends Cate and Matt have the most beautiful daughters, and now they have a third! Welcome the scrumptious Anna Mae!

  Anna Mae - April 2014
Meet Anna Mae!

Anna 2014 
Phoebe (7), Vivi (4), and Anna meet for the first time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things My Wife Complains About #28: Pillows

Here is a quick pillow breakdown of the master bedroom:

Normal pillows: 4
Decorative pillows: 2
"Pregnancy" pillows: 2
"Wedge": 1

Total pillows: 9

I am allowed to use one pillow, but this pillow is given begrudgingly, as my wife claims I use no pillows. Actually, she claims I'm actively hostile toward pillows. (Apparently, this is genetic, as my brother did not even own pillows until my wife, horrified, insisted we buy him pillows.) In any event, two nights ago James figured out how to drench his pillow in urine, so now I have zero pillows. 

My wife complains, repeatedly, that there are "no pillows." I'm not sure how many pillows a queen-size bed can support, but nine seems like a lot with one six-foot non-pregnant person and one five-foot pregnant person. Often, my wife complains that I'm taking up too much room, which is sensible given that she is invariably surrounded on three sides by pillows. Only her feet have no pillows.

Of course, the nine pillows are never on the bed at the same time because the two decorative pillows are only allowed to be on the bed when people are not. I don't want to get into how ridiculous this is to me because I recognize that the concept of decorative pillows makes complete sense to about half the people in the world and no sense to the other half, and there is no gray area or hope of conversion.

It's also worth noting that one pregnancy pillow was recently banished for reasons I don't understand.

Possible solutions!

1) Replace me with Kevin-shaped pillow
2) Fill house with pillows, so wife might fall asleep anywhere at any time in comfort
3) Deal with a pregnant woman's demands for another half a month (hard)

James and the Preggo Pillow 2013
James likes the pregnancy pillow

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hospital Tour 2014

Even though I'm delivering at the same hospital as I did three years ago, and it is the hospital I had to check into a week ago for norovirus dehydration, I decided to do the hospital tour this Saturday anyway.  Our hospital built new maternity facilities immediately after I had James so a lot of things have changed. When I had James, I had to share a room with one really noisy couple that invited their whole family over to party, followed by the unhappiest couple in the world that would complain basically every 5 minutes that they were waiting for a private room. I got to drag my IV past all of them to get to the bathroom. Back then to get a private room you had to pay hundreds of dollars a night. But now, thanks to a generous donation to hospital maternity, everyone gets a private room!

When James was born they took him away from me for 4 hours and they wouldn't give him back! I was as mad as the post-surgery-drugs as I was on would allow. Now all the babies are supposed to room with the mothers as much as possible. Here's a picture of the nursery- empty!

Hospital Nursery 2014
All the babies are with their mamas!

One change that's very sad is that when James was born I was able to donate his stem cells through a New York State stem cell foundation so that other children who need them for cancer treatment could use it. But the foundation no longer has an office in our hospital. I've been looking around the internet to see if there's a way I can still donate, but so far no luck.

Other than that, the hospital now recommends that mothers get vaccinated for pertussis (dTap) with each pregnancy so that the baby gets a little of the immunity. They also recommend that all the caregivers- dads, grandparents, and childcare get the booster vaccine every 10 years. I got my booster on Thursday, so I'm all set.

I'm all packed and ready to go have this baby! Kevin also spent the weekend "nesting." He built the double stroller (with James's help) and installed the car seat and generally looked around for anything else we needed to get ready. We're ready! 16 more days though...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hospital Bag 2014

After my dehydration/contractions/hospital run last Saturday, I realized it was definitely time to pack the hospital bag.

Hospital Bag 2014
Baby girl stuff thanks to family, Regan, and Cathy

For Baby:
Going home outfit, back up, socks
Hat to go home (and one for the hospital)
Scratch mittens and Baby Nail clipper
Receiving blanket
Coat/ warm blanket
Car seat

Hospital Bag 2014
All packed!- Mostly

Hospital forms- at hospital already
ID/insurance (purse)
Hospital information (from tour?)
Something to bring home baby information

Personal clothes:
Going home outfit
Socks, Slippers?, Flip-flops
Glasses (purse)
Snacks- granola, vanilla soy milk, candy

Nursing stuff:
Nursing pillow, Cover
Nursing shirt/dress, Nightgown?, Intimates

Soap, Shampoo/Conditioner, Tooth brush/tooth paste/ floss,
Lotion, razor, deodorant
Chapstick, makeup, tweezers, nail file
Hair things
Bag to bring stuff home

Camera, card, and charger (lens?)
Phone and charger

Sleep aids:
Ear plugs (for Kevin)

Hand sanitizer

Big Brother gift for James
Gift for nurses (food- not yet packed)

Friday, April 4, 2014

9 Months Pregnant 2014

33 Weeks, March 6-12
I finally finished the nursery, and took some pictures for the blog. Though honestly, since it's so far in advance of the baby it's kind of messy already and will need straightening up before the baby comes. I celebrated my birthday over two days with Kevin, James, and Grandma Kathy: enjoying dinner, a flamenco show, lunch, a visit to The Met museum, and ice cream cake.

The Met- March 2014
Clous at The Met, I'm 33 weeks

Sadly, James caught a nasty little head cold on Tuesday, and then Kevin caught it from him. I managed to avoid it so far.

Baby progress: Baby Girl is supposed to be the size of a durian (??) or a pineapple, but she's probably more like a 36-week baby as a winter melon or Swiss chard (whatever that is). She sleeps with her eyes open?
Symptoms: TMI
Cravings: Thai tea, citrus fruit
My Weight Gain: 25.5, but I'm .5 heavier than I was with James
Compare to 33 weeks with James

34 Weeks, March 13-19
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with Cory and Robin. Kevin had his Spring Beak this week so we went for a quick babymoon in Atlantic City!

St. Patrick's Day 2014
St. Patrick's Day!

Baby progress: Baby Girl is supposed to be the size of a butternut squash or a cantaloupe, but she's probably more like a 37-week baby as a honey dew or romaine lettuce. These vegetables are really weird right? And they don't necessarily get bigger each week either.... She's listening to us talk and sing.
Symptoms: Started the week with trouble sleeping and throwing up at night! Awesome. By then end of the week I needed a ton of sleep.
Cravings: Mango!
My Weight Gain: 27 pounds, 1 pound lighter than last time
Compare to 34 weeks with James

Babymoon in AC 2014
Clous swimming at Atlantic City (my boys are so cute!)

35 Weeks, March 20-26
To close out Kevin's Spring Break, Brady visited. The boys went out, and when they were home we all watched the NCAA tournament. On Sunday, Lukas and Sarah over for kvetching (I am the reigning champion) and basketball. The weather was a little nicer so I started walking for exercise, but then the weather got cold again. I took a video of the baby going crazy inside my belly. Wednesday I had my 36-week appointment a day early and everything was good, but that night James got sick with the norovirus.

Baby progress:
Baby dropped. Or drops. Sometimes it feels like she dropped, and other times not so much.  Baby is supposed be about the size of a honeydew melon or a coconut; about 5 1/4 pounds. But we know she's way bigger-- getting close to 8 pounds probably. She doesn't have much room to maneuver now that she's probably over 18 inches long. Her kidneys are fully developed, and her liver can process some waste products. Most of her basic physical development is now complete — she'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight. Her hearing is fully developed.

Symptoms: So sleepy! Bloody nose. Everything is itchy. Sitting and lying down are uncomfortable.
Cravings: Mango juice! Mandarins! Peaches. Citrus. Citrus. Citrus.
My Weight Gain: 29 pounds, 1 pound lighter than last time (maybe walking will help?)
Compare to 35 weeks with James

9 Months!, March 27- April 2
James and I got hit with the Norovirus hard. Dehydration gave me contractions and they got up to 4 minutes apart before an IV at the hospital stopped them. Luckily, Sarah and Lukas babysat James for us while I recovered. Thanks to my little emergency, I decided it was time to pack my hospital bag!

Norovirus 2014
My "9-month photo" 

Baby progress: Baby keeps playing the up-down game where sometimes it feels like she's dropped and other times not so much. The baby is supposed to be about about the size of a head of romaine lettuce or a honeydew. She's supposed to be about 6 pounds and gaining an ounce day. But she's not. She's probably more like 8 pounds already. Wish I knew for sure!

She's shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin during her nine-month amniotic bath. Most of her systems are in working order at 36 weeks.

Symptoms: Terrible acid reflux so I can only sleep with my head propped on 3 pillows and a lot of back support (like on the couch).
Cravings: Mango juice, raisins
Anti-cravings: Bananas cause instant acid reflux and hurt, ice cream makes me kind of ill, no more coffee
My Weight Gain: 28.5 pounds, 2.5 pounds less than last time
Things I Miss: Walking comfortably, sitting comfortably, sleeping, clothing fitting me, coffee, alcohol, you name it
Compare to 36 weeks with James

37 Weeks Pregnant 2014
Today, at 37 weeks +1 day, and 20 days to go!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Belly Dance 2014

I took a similar video when I was pregnant with James, but Baby Girl is way more visible.

March 25, 2014, 35 weeks + 6 days

A Look Back- April 2014

This is an exciting month. James will be turning 3 and our baby girl will join our family soon! Here's a look back.

A Year Ago in 2013
April started happy with a civil rights case that I'd worked on at Dewey settling for $1 million. We enjoyed some good times in Long Island at the LI Children's MuseumWestbury Gardens, and the Cradle of AviationJames turned 2 years old and had a little party on the Cape to celebrate. We even got to spend a little time on our on the Cape and have a little date night in Chatham.

James's 2nd Birthday Party 2013
My mom "Nana", me, James, Kevin, Kevin's mom "Gaga", and Great-grandma

But things took a sad turn in late April. There was the national tragedy of the Boston Bombing. Then my good friend Chris passed away suddenly leaving behind a beautiful wife and 3 little boys. Just days later we heard that my friend Chrissy's 3.5 year old son Owen was diagnosed with cancer. There are no words for such sadness. Owen is still going through treatment now, but he's currently cancer-free. He has treatment through the summer.

Five Years Ago in 2009
Kevin celebrated his bachelor party in Vegas, and my friends threw me a bridal shower in Warwick, NY, and a bachelorette in Mahwah, NJ. Janice got her pug Fudgie. My friend from work, Tevia and I went to see a Broadway show, Distracted.

Bachelor Party 2009
Kevin's Bachelor party in Vegas, he's rocking the "Fear and Loathing" look

bachelorette party group pic_edited-2
My bachelorette party

Ten Years Ago in 2004
I was still living my Washington, DC life. I met Senator John McCain through my graduate program in Legislative Affairs. I went to a Mike Doughty concert at The Funk Box in Baltimore, but I don't remember with whom. I went to A New York Knicks game at the MCI Center.

Meeting Senator John McCain
Me and Senator John McCain 2004

We celebrated Brooke's 23rd birthday at Nanny O'Brien's in Cleveland Park. Aubree and I were just starting to be friends but were hanging out like every weekend. We went to Ray's party one weekend, and then the next we went to some scandalous girls' night on Capitol Hill. 

Brooke's 23rd Birthday
Brooke's 23rd Birthday in DC

Ray's Place 2004
My work buddy Aubree at Ray's

Fifteen Years Ago in 1999
Kevin was at UVA and I was at GW. He attended a "Party Planning Commission" party, the UVA Brown picnic, and threw some epic "Gods and Goddesses" party they still talk about. I spent the month doing more mild-mannered things with my sorority. A little comparison of what we were up to:

Party Planning Commission (PPC) 1999
Kevin and the Party Planning Commission 1999

1999 04 17 Black Diamond Formal 691b
Sorority Black Diamond Formal, April 17, 1999

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