Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pre-K Donuts with Dad 2016

James's Pre-K hosted a little party with the kids' dads in honor of Father's Day. I wasn't there obviously, so I'll just post the pictures.

Donuts with Dad 2016
Kevin and James

Donuts with Dad 2016

Donuts with Dad 2016
Lots of donuts!

Donuts with Dad 2016
Play time!

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary 2016

Our 7th wedding anniversary was on the heels of our big trip to Japan, so we weren't of the mind that we deserved anything too extravagant. But we did think a date night night was in order. I urged we get Mexican because we always get sushi, but we ended up getting Mexican food, margaritas, and then sushi for dessert. Not normal but very fun.

7th Anniversary 2016
That's about right.

Puss in Boots Puppet Show- June 2016

After my 5K race, we took the kids to a puppet show in Port Jefferson. We got there early and got good seats but that led to extra squirminess for the extra time waiting. They were pretty mesmerized during the show though. Fun family time!

Puppet Show 2016
Pre-show selfie- Kevin is feeling a little squirmy too apparently.

Puppet Show 2016
Puss in Boots!

Puppet Show 2016
Puppet show laser-focus!

Puppet Show 2016
Puss in Boots fighting a lion!

Puppet Show 2016
Meet the actors- petting Puss in Boots

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My First 5K 2016

I ran my first 5K!

How do I explain my (non)history of running? In high school when the gym teacher forced us to run the mile to measure our physical fitness I always tried my hardest, even though I hated every second. I watched the cool girls just walk nonchalantly around the track, but I just couldn't bring myself to not care. I cared about everything. That said, my personal best mile was about 8 minutes... which, in case you're not a runner, is very slow for a mile. That's a young, thin Ericka trying her very hardest for maybe a year... 18 years ago.

Since then I've rarely run except for some brief flirtations with treadmills, but even that ended over a decade ago.

Joe Keany Memorial 5K 2016
Looking dubious pre-run

So one morning, after many years of pondering why my friends run half-marathons and marathons, I decided to do it. I registered for the shortest race in close proximity. Janice gifted me sneakers for my birthday- thanks Janice! And shortly after that I signed up. I had enough time to do an 8-week training schedule, which I turned into 10 weeks with a 1-week Japan break. This plan was possibly flawed because it wasn't enough time, it was interrupted by Japan, but mostly because I couldn't even do what the training program required. When I asked my doctor why I couldn't run for 30 minutes, he said maybe I needed more training time. But after he inquired about my high school running, he shook his head slowly and said maybe I'm just not built to run.

Joe Keany Memorial 5K 2016
The starting line. SPOILER ALERT: Shirtless tall teen guy on right was the winner.

Whatever. My goals were simple: 1- Beat my practice times which were about 43 minutes for a self-timed 5K (3.1 miles), and 2- Not come in last. Nonetheless, that morning I was freaking out. I felt a little ill. It didn't help that I went alone. I even encouraged my family to stay home because I was concerned about Kevin entertaining the kids for a big stretch. When the race director gave a moving speech about the hometown hero who had passed away at a young age and in whose honor we were running, I cried. I suspected the race director was actually the mom. I was not off to a great start.

Joe Keany Memorial 5K 2016
My position on the starting line was behind these guys.

I achieved my goals: 1- I beat my practice times (coming in at 41:10) and 2- I didn't come in last! I was still kind of mad about how slow and almost-last I was. Evidenced by this below:

Joe Keany Memorial 5K 2016
Woman pushing stroller beat me. Seriously! And almost all the other runners too.

Joe Keany Memorial 5K 2016
At least I got to run by the beautiful harbor.

Perhaps I could have shaved off some seconds or even minutes by not taking pictures while I ran, but I could no more hold my pictures than hold my breath. Actually, Chrissy said the one thing that made me feel a little better: "But you were so much faster than all those people sitting on their couches." Truth.

Joe Keany Memorial 5K 2016
Pre and after party in the gym

After the race I walked home... about 3 miles... in just a little more time than I ran 3 miles. Sigh.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day Shout-out! 2016

Happy Father's Day to Kevin! We all love you like crazy. As always, there will be another post about how we spent Father's Day and how awesome Kevin is.

Happy first Father's Day to Rob K, Aaron, Cory, Dan P, Jamie!!

Father's Day 2016
Cory with little Jasper

Father's Day 2016
Rob pushing Soren on the swings

Father's Day 2016
Aaron napping with Asher

Father's Day 2016
Dan hiking with Sylvie

Happy Father's Days to all our friends who are veteran dads!:

Jim S (1 girl + 1 boy), Ben C (2 boys), Mike Sh (3 girls+ 1 boy), Matt L (3 girls), Brandon (2 boys),
Casey (1 girl + 1 boy), Tim D (1 boy + 1 girl), Jason V (1 boy + 2 girls), Mike St (2 girls),
Rob P (1 boy + 1 girl), Trey (2 boys), Dan M (1 boy + 1 girl), Donald (2 boys),
Ed T (2 boys), Patrick (1 girl and 1 boy), John K (1 boys), Jon S. (1 boy), and Jeff P (2 boys),
Jeff M (1 boy + 1 girl), Rob S (2 boys), Roger (2 boys), Josh (1 boy), Neil (1 girl), Lukas (1 girl), Rob K (1 boy), Aaron (1 boy), Cory (1 boy) Dan P (1girl), Jamie (1 boy)!

Happy first father's day as a father of two! Rob P, Roger, Rob S, Patrick, and Jeff P!

Happy first father's day as a father of three, Jason!

Father's Day 2016
Jason with his minions!

Also, I happen to know there are more babies coming! Not telling! The excitement!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Strawberry Picking at Lewin Farm 2016

Ever since we moved, we live closer to a bunch of farms, so I've been following the progress of all the "u-pick" fruit. At last, strawberry season had arrived! On June 4th, we went strawberry picking at Lewin Farms. Sometimes these adventures I plan don't go so well (see eg, apple picking) but I was pleasantly surprised! The kids loved strawberry picking and behaved well!

Strawberry Picking 2016
Strawberry joy!

Strawberry Picking 2016
Working hard for the fruit he loves.

Strawberry Picking 2016
Trying not to step on the strawberries

Strawberry Picking 2016
Showing me her haul. She was very picky about taking only "not yucky" ones!

Strawberry Picking 2016
This is just so freaking idyllic. Seriously. 

Strawberry Picking 2016
Bonus fruit from the farm's market!

Strawberry Picking 2016
The best part- eating a ton of strawberries with no restraint!

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Look Back June 2016

June! When summer really gets going!

Five Years Ago in 2011
Kevin and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary by spending the day with James at a local bird sanctuary.  James met his uncle Andrew. A group of us went to the Belmont Stakes together.  We resorted to humor to cope with James's continuing bad attitude. My college friends had a Girls' Night in New York.

Kevin celebrated his first Father's Day!  Along with my mom, we also honored my dad that weekend. James turned 2 months old, started cooing more, and started batting at objects. We got adventurous and took a Long Island field trip we soon regretted. Audra and Rob welcomed baby Carter!

James at 9 weeks + 5 days 2011
Kevin and James

James at 9 weeks + 3 days 2011
Mom babysitting!

Girls' Night - June 2011
Girls Night!

Ten Years Ago in 2006
I went to Monticello with Becky and Brandon, Cathy visited Charlottesville twice, and I got my driver's license. So a pretty fun summer month!

Monticello 2006
With Becky at Monticello

Cathy Visits 2006
Me, Cathy, Becky, Brandon

Driving Test 2006
With my new license!

Fifteen Years Ago in 2001
I had recently graduated college, and was freaking out because I had no job, but I did have an apartment I was renting with Janice. I still went out though- which was a good call. After all I was only 22, and had just broken up with my boyfriend of 2 years.

2001 06 28 Out in DC 255b 
Me and Nat out somewhere in DC- fun night!

Twenty Years Ago in 1996
My junior year in high school was still in progress. When the school year ended, my friend Sarah came on vacation with me and my parents.

1996 06 Upstate NY new 382
Me with my parents at The Depot Theatre

1996 06 Upstate NY 230b
Sarah and me in Lewis, NY

Thirty Years Ago in 1986
I finished second grade!

1986 06 Essay 623
Summer Plans essay

Thirty-five Years Ago in 1981
I was 2 years old, Kevin was 1, and Uncle Dickie was graduating college.

1981 06 Dickie HS Grad 754
Grandma Ruth, Uncle Dickie, Grandpa Buff

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lukas, Sarah, and Lio Visit! 2016

Lukas, Sarah, and Lio visited us over Memorial Day weekend! We had so much fun! They got in Friday night and after the kids were in bed we spent quality adult time. Then Saturday we went to the beach!

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Lio enjoying the sand with Lukas and Sarah

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Clous doing as we do.

One of the best parts was how much time the kids got to spend tormenting each other. BFFs!

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Morning bonding: Miranda, James, and Lio enjoy breakfast and the paper

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Playing with sand and water on the deck = Mud-covered children

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Snacktime on the deck

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Bedtime bonding: Miranda has met her match!

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Time to jump on the bed!

Saturday night, Sarah and I had an early Girls' Night Out and went to see Love & Friendship, the movie based on the Jane Austen story Lady Susan. We got an obscene-sized popcorn and soda because we are terrible liberals. Haha. Then we got home in time to put the kids to sleep while Kevin and Lukas went for drinks down the street. Woo! It's like having timeshare kids!

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Movie fun!

Sunday morning Lio tested out what it's like to be a kid in our home, which is a little different than being a kid at hers. There were tutus, tiaras, too much television, and many noise and light-emitting toys. Lukas quickly put the kibosh on the latter.

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Tiara, tutu, and remote. She gets it.

Sunday afternoon we went to Port Jefferson together. We started with lunch at The Pie and then we wandered around to see the waterfront and the town. We celebrated our successful outing with ice cream at the Port Jeff Cafe.

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
In Port Jefferson

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
At The Pie resturant

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
At The Pie restaurant

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Happy ice cream face

Sunday night we planned to celebrate Memorial Day with a cookout. In addition to our red-headed visitors, we invited our friends Erika and Rob. We had burgers, hot dogs, snacks, a million beers, a little wine and lots of deep questions like, "what age are you inside your heart?" The kids took the opportunity of our divided attention to make a huge mess on the deck and in the yard.

Memorial Day 2016
Rob and Erika

Memorial Day 2016
Kids on the deck

Memorial Day 2016
Kids's mess on the deck- Miranda dunking chalk in water table.

Lukas and Sarah Visit 2016
Bathtime! (Censored.)

Monday morning, Memorial Day we had a little more bonding time before Sarah, Lukas, and Lio headed back to Queens. We miss you guys!

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day 2016
Lio helping James solve for X.

Memorial Day 2016
Tossing the baseball! Suburban life!

Memorial Day 2016
Playing with alphabet animals

Memorial Day 2016
Happy Memorial Day!
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