About Us

Hi, we're married 30-somethings with 2 kids. I'm an attorney and my husband is a published writer and a lecturer at a university.  His short story collection, We Were Flying to Chicago came out in May 2014.

On the blog, I write updates on what's going on in our lives for our friends and family, and he writes humor posts called "Things My Wife Complains About." The latter is everyone's favorite, but I'm going to keep assuming that some of you are a little interested in our actual lives (which is all about you). The name of the blog, "clou de la soirée," is a play on our last name, and means "life of the party" in French.

We met in Charlottesville near the end of the summer of 2006. We got engaged in 2007, moved to New York in 2008, and got married (and started this blog) in the summer of 2009. I've also written some retroactive posts about the time before 2009 using pictures and old emails.

Though I imagined that the less pleasant details of life would be left off the blog, when things took a sad turn it seemed insincere to leave off what we were going through. At the same time that I got pregnant in July of 2010 my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell cancer. We lost him in just four months, in the middle of my pregnancy.

In April 2011, we had our beautiful baby boy, who I named after my father, James, and my maternal grandparents who took care of me from about the ages of  3-6, and my mother, the Riverons.

In August of 2013, my mother got diagnosed with the same renal cell cancer. She had surgery and for a short while she was "cured."

We had our second child Miranda in April of 2014. And Kevin's debut story collection came out only a few weeks later in May! Between the baby and the book tour, it's was a crazy summer.

In February of 2015, my mother's renal cell cancer came back. She is a fighter.

In July of 2015, we bought our first house in Suffolk county in Long Island. And that's where we're at now.

Us through the years:

Snow Storm Jonas 2016
January 2016

Nana Visits- August 2015
August after our move, Long Island 2015

Miranda- 2 Days 2014
Our daughter Miranda is born!, Long Island, April 2014

Visiting Ash- June 2013
Ta-da! Warwick, NY, June 2013

James's 1st Birthday Party 2012
James's First Birthday, Long Island, April 2012

James at 2 Days Old 2011
Our son James is born!, Long Island, April 2011

Our First Anniversary 2010
One-year Wedding Anniversary, Brooklyn, June 2010

Our Wedding, Cape Cod, June 2009

UVA Law Graduation 2008
Ericka's Graduation from Law School, Charlottesville, VA, May 2008

Our Engagement 2007
Kevin proposes, NY Public Library steps, NYC, November 2007

Jefferson Vineyard, Virginia 2006
Seventh date, Jefferson Vineyards, Charlottesville, VA, August 2006
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