Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nana Visits- April 2014

Nana stayed with James while I was at the hospital having Miranda. This was especially challenging for Nana since James was sick with a little fever and woke up a ton during the night. It was also the first time Nana has ever gotten up in the morning with James.

 James is sick again- April 2014
Sick on Saturday evening

At the park on Sunday

Snuggling with Nana on Monday

On Tuesday, Nana brought James to the hospital to meet Miranda.

Miranda- Day 2 2014
Tuesday at the hospital. 

Miranda- 3 Days Old 2014
Wednesday we brought Miri home

Miranda Comes Home 2014
Nana and her two babies

Miranda Comes Home 2014
Oh, hello.

Kevin went back to work on Thursday so Nana stayed one more day to help me. Thanks, Nana!

Miranda- 4 Days Old 2014
James "reading" to Nana on Thursday

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Going Home with Miranda 2014

We had Miranda on Sunday morning, and after some effort and many demonstrations that I was "feeling great" they let us go home early on Wednesday, instead of making us stay until Thursday. At least one of the nurses reacted with confusion that I even wanted to go home early because we "were paid up through Thursday." Don't get me wrong, the new maternity wing was lovely, but with regular wake-ups from staff throughout the night to test me and Miranda for numerous things, I was ready to go home.

Miranda- 3 Days Old 2014
Miranda's going home outfit

Miranda- 3 Days Old 2014
Kevin making a cute pink burrito

Miranda- 3 Days Old 2014
About to get wheeled out!

Miranda- 3 Days Old 2014
First car ride! She sort of looks like Madonna in Holiday.

Miranda- 3 Days Old 2014
At home with Nana and James. So lucky.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Time in the New Maternity Wing 2014

Since we had James, the hospital built an entire new wing with all new policies. For example, after the c-section, we were wheeled to recovery with Miranda where I was able to start breast feeding right away. Her sugar test was done in the room with me. Three years ago, James and I were split up for nearly 4 hours after he was born even though there was nothing wrong with him.

C-section 2014
Getting wheeled to Recovery while carrying Miranda- Can you see her?

Miranda Born 2014
In Recovery with Miranda

After a short stay in Recovery, Miranda went to the nursery for a little blood work and a quick check-up from our pediatrician. I was taken to the new maternity wing of the hospital, where every family has a private room. I felt like Beyoncé. This time, I didn't have to wait long for them to return a bathed and burritoed Miranda. I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't split up from her this time, because I actually went into labor this time (activating different hormones and whatnot), or just because it's my second child, but I was able to relax and enjoy having my new baby a lot more this time. I felt a lot more present than last time, and even blissed out. Kevin seemed pretty pleased too, especially once we were settled in our own room.

Miranda Born 2014
Prompt Miranda-burrito delivery to my Maternity room

Miranda Born 2014

Miranda- 1 Day Old 2014
Squeal! Love them so much.

Mom was able to come visit Miranda in the afternoon. I think it was love at first sight. And even though Kevin is largely responsible for the baby's name, my mother had independently and coincidentally campaigned for Miranda. Granted, a lot of names were suggested to us over the course of the second and third trimesters, but still this one seemed to resonate especially strongly with both Kevin and my mother. (Who were not, I don't think, in secret communication with each other.)

Miranda Born 2014 
Miranda and her Nana

One of the biggest treats this time was having James meet his new sister. He ran right up to her when he came into the room and seemed all excited. In the days since we've been home he's been positive towards her, and calls her "sister" instead of calling her by her name, but I think it's such a cute little quirk.

Miranda- Day 2 2014
Kissing his sister.

Miranda- 2 Days 2014
First family picture! Feels like I've been waiting forever for this one.

There was also a momentary concern on Tuesday that Miranda might be jaundiced, so the pediatrician recommended some formula to combat it. This sparked an internal hospital brouhaha where my nurse called in the lactation consultant in order to stop me from feeding my breastfed infant a little formula. Three years ago with James, one of the nurses tried to guilt me into feeding James formula because of his weight-loss. I resisted (until I go home). Since jaundice is quite a different issue than weight-loss, I complied, but a quarter of an once later the pediatrician called and said the tests showed she was not jaundiced, so I stopped. Then Miranda spit up all the formula. Nonetheless, this sparked what felt like a day-long seminar in my hospital room with one of our pediatricians directly contradicting everything the hospital lactation consultant said and vice-versa. Not much progress in this area in 3 years. Since it's my second child, and I pretty much messed up everything about breastfeeding with James, I have been able to sort through the contradictory advice and breastfeed Miranda this time. Even though it's been "successful" so far, she has been cluster-feeding a lot and it's been extremely difficult. Looking forward to the part where it gets easier (except for growth spurts).

One more, because, cute:

Miranda- 3 Days Old
Miranda at three days old (does look a little yellow).

In related news, I ate so much while I was in the maternity wing this time that it was basically funny. I would call up to order my dinner and then order what sounded like a meal for three grown men. Then I'd eat it all while Kevin watched in horror. My favorites were prune juice and Miyeok Guk (Korean beef seaweed soup). Seriously just amazing after having a baby. Nothing tastier in the world.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Introducing Baby Miranda 2014

Miranda Rogers
was born on 
April 20, 2014, at 5:28 a.m.,
weighing 9 pounds and 6 ounces 
and measuring 21.5 inches long.

Miranda Born 2014
Miranda's first day

Miranda- 2 Days 2014
Our first family photo, 4/22

Miranda- Day 2 2014
With Nana Ana, 4/20

Miranda- Day 5 2014
Miranda's 5th day, 4/25

Miranda- Day 6 2014
With Grandma Kathy, 4/26

Her name is courtesy of Shakespeare (The Tempest). Her middle name is from Kevin's family.

Baby Miranda Born 2014

When I got to the hospital I thought I'd get a sonogram, a doctor to help me decide whether the baby was too big to VBAC or not, and AN EPIDURAL. But I got a nurse and a resident, who told me that I wasn't dilating, so I couldn't get an epidural unless I was in active labor (which means dilating). That didn't make a lot of sense to me, since actually it was a lie.  The resident also said I couldn't get a c-section unless I was in active labor which is definitely not true because I had a scheduled c-section for Thursday which is done when you're not in labor at all.

Labor- April 2014 
In Labor Triage, between 4-minute contractions with no epidural!

Labor- April 2014
Kevin is excited to spend the night in a broken rocking chair

Another resident gave me a sonogram and told me the baby was 7 pounds plus. I laughed because that was almost definitely not true. I told her my firstborn was 9 pounds and 12 ounces so the estimate was surprising to say the least. She called in the doctor on call to check and she estimated 9 pounds. I nodded and said that sounded more accurate. When it finally dawned on them that my contractions were getting closer together and they weren't going to be able to send me home even if I weren't in "active labor" I was finally put in a Labor & Delivery room.

In Labor & Delivery, when my contractions were 2 minutes apart, I finally got an epidural! I was pleased that Kevin could be in the room for that part because with a scheduled c-section my hospital doesn't let your partner in for the epidural, and with James, my epidural took a horrible 75-minutes. This time it was fast and not terribly unpleasant. After that I lost track of my contractions for a while. They told me that since I still wasn't dilating my doctor would come in for my c-section between 6-8 a.m.

But suddenly 4 nurses ran into my room in a panic, put me on oxygen and explained that I'd had 3 contractions in a row and the baby was in distress. The baby was fine now, but they'd call my doctor and have the c-section as soon as possible.

Labor 2014
In Labor & Delivery where contractions went from 2 mins to 0 minutes apart--
After they prepared me for the c-section

Labor 2014
Suited up for the emergency c-section!

At this point I was not sad not to have a successful VBAC. I was mentally singing the praises of scheduled c-sections at 39 weeks for huge babies. It was that moment when everything you thought you knew turned out to be mostly wrong. I have those a lot. (I'm starting to think that if you don't, you're probably just stubbornly sticking to a lot of wrong stuff.)

C-section 2014
Relieved to have the baby come out!

Second c-sections take longer than the first (now they tell me!) and I was definitely concerned about whether or not things were going well on the other side of the curtain so (TMI alert- you can skip the rest of this paragraph if you get queasy) I looked. I saw my reflection in the overhead lights and I watched my own c-section. The mirrors in the lights were sectioned so I couldn't see things as one picture but I could see my baby's head or the doctors or what not depending on where I looked. I'm glad I saw my child born.

They got her out and I asked to touch her first- since Kevin got to hold James first. So they wrapped her up and let me kiss her. This is my favorite picture from the day.

C-section 2014

C-section 2014
We did it! She's here!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Off to the Hospital 2014

Early in the morning on Saturday the 19th, stuff started getting kind of real. Starting at 8 a.m. the contractions were 10 minutes apart all morning, but I didn't feel like it was a particularly big deal since they were mild and so far apart.  But by evening they were getting a little closer and a little stronger, and I told my mom she was on stand by....

In retrospect, maybe I should have called my doctor right away and they could have done a c-section, but I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I was still thinking that maybe a VBAC was possible since I never found out the baby's weight. Plus, even though this is my second child, I felt like a fist time mom - I'd only had contractions before when I was dehydrated from the norovirus, so for most of the morning I didn't know if it was the real deal or not. I thought contractions might last for a very long time or even dissapate.

Then around 5 or 6 p.m., James suddenly got sick with a 102 fever which made me feel beyond awful. I felt so bad for him but I had to leave all the hugging to Kevin because I was huge and contracting. And I was so hormonally worried for him-- I called the pediatrician immediately which is not something I usually do. I told him the whole story- including how I was in labor and we'd have to leave him soon.

Finally around 9 p.m. my contractions were sometimes about 5 minutes apart so I called my doctor's office to see whether they thought I should go to the hospital. My doctor said to go so they could see what was going on, so I called my mother and told her to come over. I felt really bad leaving James (1) when he was sick, (2) without telling him, and (3) on his birthday. At least I he was in good hands with my mom.

Labor 2014
Picture right before we left for hospital (in between 6-minute contractions)

Friday, April 25, 2014

James Height-Weight Chart 2011-2014

Ht 22"
Wt 9"11

Ht 24" (+2)
Wt 12+ ( 2 lbs 7 oz)

Ht 24.5 (+.5)
Wt 13 (+1 lb 8 oz)

Ht 25.5" (+1)
Wt 15+ (1.75)

Ht 26.5"
Wt 16+

Ht 27 (+.5)
Wt 18+ (1 lb 4 oz)

Ht 28" (+1)
Wt 19+ (+ 1 lb 5 oz)

Ht 29.5
Wt 19+

Ht 30" (+.5)
Wt 20+ (1.75)

Ht 31" (+1)
Wt 22 (+2)

Ht 32.5"
Wt 24

Ht 33 (+1/?)
Wt 25 (+1)

4/25/14- Three Years Old!
Ht 38.5
Wt 35

Kevin's Article in Tin House 2014

Kevin wrote an article for Tin House about one of his favorite short story collections. It really demonstrates how much a talented writer like Denis Johnson can get in one sentence.

The Art of the Sentence: Denis Johnson

The article was so good that Entertainment Weekly wrote about it!:

K: Having a baby and then appearing in Entertainment Weekly that week is as close to a Kardashian as I'll ever be.
E: Doesn't that make me a Kardashian, and you Scott Disick or Kanye?
K: Yes, and my book Yeezus. Where's my Pitchfork rave review?
E: Could you handle such a bad review from 50 Cent though? That would really crush you.

Also, today only, if you enter the OMG! All the Books daily giveaways today they're giving away a signed copy of Kevin's new collection, WE WERE FLYING TO CHICAGO:

You also have a chance to win signed copies of all 25 books. It's Friday, go crazy!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Due Date 2014!

37 Weeks, "Early Term!" April 3-9
I had my 37-week appointment on Friday, which showed I had made no special progress in my "going into labor early" pipe dream. Then Saturday, I went on a hospital tour, even though I know the hospital pretty well at this point, the maternity wing is new and some things have changed in the last few years.

Kevin and James built the double-stroller, and Kevin cleaned and installed the baby's car seat next to James's car seat, so now we have no back seating for adults. He also wrote, Things My Wife Complains About #28: Pillows.

The weather finally got spring-like!

37 Weeks Pregnant 2014
37 weeks +1 day, and 20 days to go!

Baby progress: Three years ago, when I reached 37 weeks with James, babies were considered "full term" at that point. But now, the science has changed a bit, and they call 37 weeks "early term" (as opposed to "early term" before 37 weeks). The baby won't be considered "full term" until 39 weeks because the baby's brain and lungs are still maturing.

The baby is supposed to be size of a Winter Melon or Swiss Chard (no idea what those are) and weigh about 6 1/3 pounds, but she's really probably over 8 pounds. She's practicing some skills: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking.
Symptoms: Terrible acid reflux so I can only sleep with my head propped on 3 pillows and a lot of back support (like on the couch). My left knee hurts. Some contractions.
Cravings: Beef, fiber, strawberries, chocolate
Anti-cravings: 2% milk is like water, anything even a little spicy
My Weight Gain: 28 pounds, 4 pounds less than last time
Things I Miss: Walking comfortably, sitting comfortably, sleeping, clothing fitting me, alcohol, you name it
Compare to 37 weeks with James, haha, we were so clueless and wrong about everything.

38 Weeks, April 10-16
I had my 38-week appointment on Friday, but I didn't learn much other than I showed no signed of progressing. So we scheduled a sonogram for 39-weeks to see how big our baby girl has gotten.

38 Weeks- April 2014
38 weeks + 2 days

James birthday playdate. The weather over the weekend was nice, but then it got cruddy again. Ash visits.

Baby progress: Baby is the size of a pumpkin. Let's stop lying, she's probably like 8.5 pounds now. She has a firm grasp, and her organs have matured.
Symptoms: Floating spots, head aches, stuffy nose, contractions- some Braxon Hicks, some more like the real ones, random temperature changes, dramatic mood swings. I've been sleeping better because I'm exhausted all the time.
Cravings: Chocolate, water, vitamin C in any form.
Anti-cravings: Food sucks
My Weight Gain: 28-29 pounds (we had to get a new scale so my weight gain isn't very precise now- comparing it to my doctor's scale is still a little confusing), 5 pounds less than last time
Things I Miss: Not being pregnant.
Compare to 38 weeks with James

39 Weeks, "Full Term!" April 17-23
Thursday with James Finally started maternity leave. I had one blissful day before my contractions started. James's real birthday and Easter is Sunday, so I thought we'd open some presents today

39 Weeks 2014
Friday, April 18
This is not a normal belly shape, correct?

Baby progress: She's a watermelon, and she's still gaining weight!
Symptoms: CONTRACTIONS. OW. Headaches, dramatic mood swings, random temperature changes,
Cravings: Water, everything.
Anti-cravings: Coffee.
My Weight Gain: 28-29 pounds
Things I Miss: 
Compare to 39 weeks with James

I had my repeat c-section scheduled for the due date, April 24th. Our specific plans for baby were and remain a little hazy. We had a sonogram scheduled for Monday, April 21 that would tell us how big the baby is and give us a better sense of the likelihood of a VBAC working. But we weren't actually holding our breath for a VBAC. We figured if we got to the 24th, she was almost certainly going to be over 8.5 pounds which would make me a good c-section candidate.

I had some contractions on Thursday, April 17th as I was wrapping up my work. I thought the stress of working might be causing them, and they did suddenly stop when I wrapped things up. I had almost none on the 18th. Luckily I ran around getting stuff ready on the 18th. Also I took a whole bunch of photos.

Early in the morning on Saturday the 19th, stuff started getting kind of real. The contractions were 10 minutes apart all morning, but I didn't feel like it was a particularly big deal since they were mild and so far apart.  But by evening they were getting a little closer and a little stronger, and I told my mom she was on stand by....


Spoiler alert: Suffice to say, today is the due date and Miranda is already here at home!

Compare to due date with James.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter 2014!

James's birthday falls on Easter this year! He'll be 3 years old on Sunday. We mostly celebrated early but we're planning on spoiling him a bit more this weekend. Here's his ridiculous smile with the Easter Bunny.

2014 04 18 Easter Bunny - edit
James and the Easter Bunny- last one without his sister!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ash Visits- April 2014

Ash came to visit this week and help me survive the last few days where I'm both super pregnant and Kevin is at work. I am really lucky in that Kevin works from home half the week. And also lucky that I have awesome helpful friends like Ash.

Ash Visit- April 2014
Playing Candy Land with James

Ash Visit- April 2014
I am really pregnant, yo.

Ash Visit- April 2014

Ash Visit- April 2014
Oh oh

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

James's 3rd Birthday 2014

Since James's birthday falls on Easter this year, and his sister is scheduled to come Thursday, we decided to mostly celebrate early. Because I'm hugely pregnant, we kept things simple. A park play date and some ice cream cake. Rachel and Tim kindly dragged Isaac and Eleanor up to Long Island to celebrate.

James's 3rd Birthday 2014
Walking to the park

James's 3rd Birthday 2014 
James, ladies' man, as usual

James's 3rd Birthday 2014 
Almost playing together

James's 3rd Birthday 2014

James's 3rd Birthday 2014
Fudgie the Whale cake for his birthday

James's 3rd Birthday 2014
Blowing out his candle

James's 3rd Birthday 2014
Trying to keep all the kids from sticking their fingers into the cake (fail)

James's 3rd Birthday 2014
More civilized cake-eating

James's 3rd Birthday 2014
Family picture but James is more interested in cake.

James's 3rd Birthday 2014
Easter basket/favors

James's 3rd Birthday 2014
Candy Land

We were planning on opening presents on his actual birthday on Sunday morning, but that didn't happen. More on that in the next post.
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