Friday, April 25, 2014

Kevin's Article in Tin House 2014

Kevin wrote an article for Tin House about one of his favorite short story collections. It really demonstrates how much a talented writer like Denis Johnson can get in one sentence.

The Art of the Sentence: Denis Johnson

The article was so good that Entertainment Weekly wrote about it!:

K: Having a baby and then appearing in Entertainment Weekly that week is as close to a Kardashian as I'll ever be.
E: Doesn't that make me a Kardashian, and you Scott Disick or Kanye?
K: Yes, and my book Yeezus. Where's my Pitchfork rave review?
E: Could you handle such a bad review from 50 Cent though? That would really crush you.

Also, today only, if you enter the OMG! All the Books daily giveaways today they're giving away a signed copy of Kevin's new collection, WE WERE FLYING TO CHICAGO:

You also have a chance to win signed copies of all 25 books. It's Friday, go crazy!

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