Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nana Visits- April 2014

Nana stayed with James while I was at the hospital having Miranda. This was especially challenging for Nana since James was sick with a little fever and woke up a ton during the night. It was also the first time Nana has ever gotten up in the morning with James.

 James is sick again- April 2014
Sick on Saturday evening

At the park on Sunday

Snuggling with Nana on Monday

On Tuesday, Nana brought James to the hospital to meet Miranda.

Miranda- Day 2 2014
Tuesday at the hospital. 

Miranda- 3 Days Old 2014
Wednesday we brought Miri home

Miranda Comes Home 2014
Nana and her two babies

Miranda Comes Home 2014
Oh, hello.

Kevin went back to work on Thursday so Nana stayed one more day to help me. Thanks, Nana!

Miranda- 4 Days Old 2014
James "reading" to Nana on Thursday

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