Monday, April 28, 2014

Time in the New Maternity Wing 2014

Since we had James, the hospital built an entire new wing with all new policies. For example, after the c-section, we were wheeled to recovery with Miranda where I was able to start breast feeding right away. Her sugar test was done in the room with me. Three years ago, James and I were split up for nearly 4 hours after he was born even though there was nothing wrong with him.

C-section 2014
Getting wheeled to Recovery while carrying Miranda- Can you see her?

Miranda Born 2014
In Recovery with Miranda

After a short stay in Recovery, Miranda went to the nursery for a little blood work and a quick check-up from our pediatrician. I was taken to the new maternity wing of the hospital, where every family has a private room. I felt like Beyoncé. This time, I didn't have to wait long for them to return a bathed and burritoed Miranda. I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't split up from her this time, because I actually went into labor this time (activating different hormones and whatnot), or just because it's my second child, but I was able to relax and enjoy having my new baby a lot more this time. I felt a lot more present than last time, and even blissed out. Kevin seemed pretty pleased too, especially once we were settled in our own room.

Miranda Born 2014
Prompt Miranda-burrito delivery to my Maternity room

Miranda Born 2014

Miranda- 1 Day Old 2014
Squeal! Love them so much.

Mom was able to come visit Miranda in the afternoon. I think it was love at first sight. And even though Kevin is largely responsible for the baby's name, my mother had independently and coincidentally campaigned for Miranda. Granted, a lot of names were suggested to us over the course of the second and third trimesters, but still this one seemed to resonate especially strongly with both Kevin and my mother. (Who were not, I don't think, in secret communication with each other.)

Miranda Born 2014 
Miranda and her Nana

One of the biggest treats this time was having James meet his new sister. He ran right up to her when he came into the room and seemed all excited. In the days since we've been home he's been positive towards her, and calls her "sister" instead of calling her by her name, but I think it's such a cute little quirk.

Miranda- Day 2 2014
Kissing his sister.

Miranda- 2 Days 2014
First family picture! Feels like I've been waiting forever for this one.

There was also a momentary concern on Tuesday that Miranda might be jaundiced, so the pediatrician recommended some formula to combat it. This sparked an internal hospital brouhaha where my nurse called in the lactation consultant in order to stop me from feeding my breastfed infant a little formula. Three years ago with James, one of the nurses tried to guilt me into feeding James formula because of his weight-loss. I resisted (until I go home). Since jaundice is quite a different issue than weight-loss, I complied, but a quarter of an once later the pediatrician called and said the tests showed she was not jaundiced, so I stopped. Then Miranda spit up all the formula. Nonetheless, this sparked what felt like a day-long seminar in my hospital room with one of our pediatricians directly contradicting everything the hospital lactation consultant said and vice-versa. Not much progress in this area in 3 years. Since it's my second child, and I pretty much messed up everything about breastfeeding with James, I have been able to sort through the contradictory advice and breastfeed Miranda this time. Even though it's been "successful" so far, she has been cluster-feeding a lot and it's been extremely difficult. Looking forward to the part where it gets easier (except for growth spurts).

One more, because, cute:

Miranda- 3 Days Old
Miranda at three days old (does look a little yellow).

In related news, I ate so much while I was in the maternity wing this time that it was basically funny. I would call up to order my dinner and then order what sounded like a meal for three grown men. Then I'd eat it all while Kevin watched in horror. My favorites were prune juice and Miyeok Guk (Korean beef seaweed soup). Seriously just amazing after having a baby. Nothing tastier in the world.

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