Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Montréal, Canada 2010

We are heading for Cartagena, Colombia soon, but I wanted to post a couple of pictures from our recenttrip to Montréal. Kevin gave a conference in upstate New York so we took the opportunity to go a bit further north. Kevin had been to the city before, and I had never been, but I had been to Québec province before so I was generally down with their faux-French ways. We started right off with a Schwartz's smoked meat sandwich. Wow, excellent. Then we walked around and went for (chocolate) drinks at Juliet et Chocolat and (stout) drinks at Ye Olde Orchard. The next morning we had brunch in Old Montréal, walked around,and finally went to Mont Royal.

Montréal, Canada 2010
Point d'observation, Mont-Royal

Montréal, Canada 2010
In line at Schwartz's

Montréal, Canada 2010
The lovely ladies of Old Montreal

Montréal, Canada 2010
Outside our brunch spot

Friday, March 26, 2010

Espirit Red Carpet Opening 2010

Esprit Flagship Store Opening in NYC 2010
This week, in between working a full day, and going back to the office late night, Michele took her friend Susan, her cousin Tatiana, and me to the opening of the Esprit flagship store in Manhattan. It was a semi-fancy affair with a red carpet and free wine and champagne.

Half the people there were related to the fashion industry in some way. And the other half of us, well, not-so-much. The difference was a bit obvious. There were models mixed in the crowd, and a ton of other people who I figured were "somebody" except I don't read fashion magazines or watch the right television shows so I couldn't figure out who they were. Here is an incomplete list for those of you who know about these things or care: Emmy Rossum, Robert Verdi, Erin Lucas, Andy Hilfiger, Amanda Ross, Merideth Melling Burke, Paula Meronek, David Meister, DJ Mia Moretti, and Ryan Kehoe. There were also a bunch of people who seem to be known simply for being all the places famous or rich people go.

I was most impressed by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was standing on the red carpet when we arrived. Jennifer Love Hewitt! She has lost too much weight and seemed positively waifish (this photo adds 5-10 pounds) but we love her just the same.

Esprit Flagship Store Opening in NYC 2010

Before we left Macy Gray performed a few songs. It was a fun night, and thanks to Michele, so different than what I usually get to do.

Esprit Flagship Store Opening in NYC 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Meeting Owen 2010

This weekend I ventured to Ramsey to spend a few hours with my old friend Chrissy and her new baby Owen. Move aside, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, you have been usurped by Owen. It was great catching up and baby-holding. He's pretty impressive. He already sort of bounces if you hold him and he absorbs everything like a little sponge.

Meeting Owen 2010
Me and my buddy Owen!

Meeting Owen 2010 
With tired new mama Chrissy and the product of her hard work, Owen

My mother came by to see Chrissy and Owen and had a little wants-to-be-a-grandma meltdown. It was cute.

Meeting Owen 2010
My mother practicing at being a grandma

Meeting Owen 2010
Owen smiling!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Parents Visit 2010

My parents came over for brunch and hanging out this weekend. My mother fell in love with the complimentary donut holes at our favorite brunch place, Abilene. I always take them for granted, but it's true that they are a little piece of magic. Sadly it rained all day so we had to cancel any neighborhood walks, but we had a nice time bonding at home.

Parents Visit Brooklyn 2010
With my cute parents

In other news, we're doggy-sitting while our friends Jon and Becky frolic in Paris. Here is a picture that captures our adopted dog's soul:

Dogsitting Jordan 2010
Jordan snuggles Garfield

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Attila Opera 2010

For my actual birthday, Kevin and I went to the opera again, this time to see Attila. This performance was better than Elektra in December, with better sets (read: more than 1), and more dramatic. The music was more interesting too, but sadly since there was no catchy tune, we couldn't come home and sing it like we did last time. Agamemnon! Agamemnon! So we just sang the Agamemnon song again instead.

On the battlefield

Metropolitan Opera: Attila
I know Attila's a tyrant, but his fiance seems harsh

Monday, March 8, 2010

My 31st Birthday in Chinatown NY 2010

Kevin and I had dinner with some very dear college friends of mine this weekend at Joe's Shanghai, the location of New York's best soup dumplings. At least, as far as I know. We had delicious drinks at Apothéke and regular drinks at Les Enfants Terribles in Chinatown. Jaime even made it as far as Boat Bar in Brooklyn, but that's because she stayed with us so we basically held her captive until we went home. Thank you for being so good to me, buddies.

Ericka's 31st Birthday 2010
Everyone at Joe's Shanghai

Ericka's Birthday 2010
Soup dumplings are amazing!

Ericka's Birthday 2010
Birthday cupcake! One candle for 30-one.

Ericka's Birthday 2010
Drinks at Apothéke

Ericka's Birthday 2010
With preggo Rachel and Tim

Ericka's Birthday 2010
Ericka's Birthday 2010
Outside the fire station with Janice

Ericka's Birthday 2010
Outside Les Enfants Terribles with Michele, Ash, and Jaime
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