Monday, March 15, 2010

Parents Visit 2010

My parents came over for brunch and hanging out this weekend. My mother fell in love with the complimentary donut holes at our favorite brunch place, Abilene. I always take them for granted, but it's true that they are a little piece of magic. Sadly it rained all day so we had to cancel any neighborhood walks, but we had a nice time bonding at home.

Parents Visit Brooklyn 2010
With my cute parents

In other news, we're doggy-sitting while our friends Jon and Becky frolic in Paris. Here is a picture that captures our adopted dog's soul:

Dogsitting Jordan 2010
Jordan snuggles Garfield


Chris, Jason & Owen said...

Didn't you used to have a cat down in VA? What happened to that little guy?

eralon said...

He lives with grandma Clou now because he's an outdoor cat and announced to us that he did not like living in Brooklyn by looking at us directly and then peeing on our bed. True story.

Sarah said...


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