Friday, July 29, 2011

North Fork with Jon and Becky 2011

Perhaps in an effort to convince me that Long Island is not a developing country Kevin whisked me off to North Fork on Thursday, where our good friends Jon and Becky had rented a vacation house for the week. Kevin has been visiting them there for the last two years, but this was the first year I didn't have to work so I could join them. The plan was to relax and make lobsters for dinner and enjoy the beach the next day.  The first plan was a success. We enjoyed some wine and beer in the backyard while Jon grilled up some corn, and then went inside while Becky boiled the lobsters. It's only the third time I've ever had lobster right out of the shell, and the first time was when I was a kid, so I struggled quite a bit with my attack strategy. The delicious reward was well worth it though.

North Fork 2011
Enjoying a walk along the bay

North Fork 2011
Jon watching Kevin and James enjoy the hammock

North Fork 2011
Wine, check, pacifier, check

North Fork 2011
Sorry, lobster buddy, we have special plates for you and everything

The next day it rained so we had to rethink our beachy plans. We decided on a two vineyard, one brewery tour. I haven't gotten out of the house s much as I used to so I was super excited. We were a little concerned about taking James to adult places even though Becky assured us they were family-friendly, but James was surprisingly well-behaved, for James. Kevin did kindly take him outside for a little while at Lenz Winery while I hit the wine tasting, but he did get to try most of the wines first. I really liked the wine there and enjoyed my time chatting with Becky while Kevin and Jon fed and bounced the baby outside.

James then had a total meltdown in the car, but since it was in private, we were pretty psyched. He rallied for the Greenpoint Brewery, possibly because he was so stimulated by all the new sights and sounds. (Stimulated = freaked out.) By the time we got to Paumanok Winery, James fell asleep for his big afternoon nap so we were able to relax, enjoy the view of the vineyard, and ask Jon and Becky about their trip to Paris from a few years ago.

North Fork 2011
Three Clous at Lenz Winery

North Fork 2011
Becky and Jon at Lenz Winery

North Fork 2011
Greenport Harbor Company

North Fork 2011
The boys at Greenport Harbor Company

North Fork 2011
Becks and Jon at Paumanok Winery

North Fork 2011
Us at Paumanok Winery

What other baby can say he celebrated his 100-day mark with a winery-brewery "crawl?" Not very many, I'm sure. He had a semi-traumatic doctor's appointment the previous day before we left for North Fork, so we know he's now 15 pounds 7 ounces, and measuring 25.5 inches long. Though when I measure him, I get 26 inches... but somewhere around there.  Our mothers insisted we ask the pediatrician about introducing cereal or other solids to get James to sleep through the night. The pediatrician said that he shouldn't have any, and that it definitely wouldn't get him to sleep through the night. In fact, he suggested NOT feeding the baby at night, but just going in to comfort him. I'm not too confident about that idea just yet. I feel like James is stubborn and strong enough to cry for hours in protest. But we will eventually try if his sleep doesn't keep getting longer on its own. Right now he's up to four hours at a time, and some nights he only gets up once.

James at 99 days 2011
At the pediatrician's with his super intense finger bandage for his anemia test

Friday, July 22, 2011

Long Island is a Third World Country 2011

It is a record-breaking 102 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now. Our little air-conditioner is just one year old so it's fairly modern but it can only keep our living room at about 82 degrees, but the temperature inside is rapidly climbing. We've had blackouts twice this summer, and I'm praying we don't have one today because I'm not sure how we'll handle the heat without the air conditioner. Go stay with someone? Not a great option when you have to pack a million baby things.

Also, the water in our county tested positive for E. Coli as of Monday. We found out yesterday. That's three days of drinking, bathing, and brushing our teeth with yummy E. Coli water. Not to mention that the baby drinks powder formula which is now terrifying. Since we found out we've been using bottled water for all our drinking needs and boiled water for cleaning stuff.  Right now I'm boiling water for the baby's bath, but due to a fear of burning the baby, the baby will almost definitely be getting a pretty cool bath today. I myself would like a cool shower, but since I'm not going to boil enough water for myself, I wonder what's better- not showering or bathing in E. Coli water.

Of course, the 102 degrees and no potable water are just recent developments on Long Island. There was already the uncivilized behavior and terrifying driving. And if I did live in a third world country, the taxes would much lower and there would be readily available tropical drinks. On the bright side, I don't have to worry about rebel armies on Long Island. But then, there are all those Yankees fans.

Cartagena, Colombia 2010
Cartagena, where I wish I were, instead of Long Island

Thursday, July 21, 2011

James is 3 Months Old 2011!

James turned 3 months old on Wednesday, which happened to fall on the day he turned 13 weeks as well. The 3-month mark is considered the end of the "fourth trimester." As previously reported, James holds his head up, smiles, squeals with delight, coos, pushes to standing position with his legs, and is wearing 3-6 month size clothing, with an emphasis on the 6 months side of things.

James at 3 Months 2011
3 Months!

So, what's new? Kevin and I both noticed that he's getting much better at grabbing things and putting them in his mouth. It's funny how these basic things make us so ridiculously proud and amused. About a week ago, he grabbed Kevin's glasses off his face and stuck those in his mouth. Kevin ran into the room to report the happening. I was delighted. Mostly he just puts toys or blankets in his mouth. Ironically, his pacifier is one of the hardest objects for him to correctly maneuver into his mouth.

James at 11 weeks + 2 days 2011

He rolls onto his side now from his back, but seems to want to avoid ending up on his belly. He hates tummy time, but he's not quite as awful at it now, and he manages to lift his head a little or grab something in front of him to pull himself forward, but he won't push up onto his forearms. He can also rotate himself round on his back so if you put him down he'll end up diagonal or perpendicular to how you left him.

Also, I think that sometimes he repeats a sound. I'm not sure if he is repeating or if it's just coincidence plus motherly imagination. For example, the other day I said "ya, ya, ya," when he was crying on the changing table, which means "enough, enough, enough" in Spanish, but is often used as a comforting sound much like "it's okay" might be used in English. I think he said "ya" back, but it's hard to say as it's a simple sound, and it's normal for him to make "ahh" coos. I also hear him trying to make the "rr" sound in Spanish sometimes, though this might also be coincidence, especially since it sounds more like a growl. Michele is also pretty sure he tried to "click" back when she spent some time making clicking noises at him.

Finally, just as he was starting to scream a little less often for no discernible reason, he started teething. He's got a little swollen bump in his mouth on the top left and he keeps his fist in that spot most of the time. Teething is the worst because there is no way to fix his problem.  I've given him a little Oragel here and there but it doesn't help for long.

James at 12 weeks + 5 days 2011
This is what teething looks like

James at 12 weeks + 6 days 2011
Doing a little better the next day with Oragel and the teething giraffe Chrissy got him

Oh, and yesterday he started paying attention when I read to him from his books! He's been completely ignoring the books until now. Though obviously I hardcore staged this photo.

James at 13 weeks + 1 day 2011
My favorite book to read to him

Doesn't hate:
Sleeping in his crib at night
Breastfeeding at night
When people sing to him, almost any song is good
Driving in the car at nighttime

Drinking from a bottle
Cooing to anyone who will chat back
Having his belly rubbed like a puppy
His activity mat
His swing
Chewing on his toys
"The Itsy Bitsy Spider" is his favorite song (based on smiles)
The "1-800-Victim2" Commercial

Hates: Everything else, including, but not limited to:
Breastfeeding during the daytime
Sleeping in his crib at naptime
Driving in the car in the daytime
Possibly he hates being held and not being held in equal amounts
His bouncy chair

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kayak's Maiden Voyage 2011

For Father's Day I wanted to celebrate Kevin for being such a wonderful dad, so I got him an inflatable kayak.  Not only is it the fun sort of outdoorsy thing he loves, but it gives him a reason to take a break from his work and baby care (his two main activities). After all, he has to take advantage of my present. Since it's inflatable he can drag it around to New York lakes and Cape Cod ponds. It also helps make up a little for the lack of hiking around here.  Here's the kayak's first launch!

Cape Cod- July 2011
Blowing up the kayak

Cape Cod- July 2011
The launch

Cape Cod- July 2011
He's off!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cape Cod- July 2011

Quick picture post!

Cape Cod- July 2011
With Grandma Kathy and the sunglasses she bought him

Cape Cod- July 2011
The two of them are best buddies

Cape Cod- July 2011
Meeting Great Uncle Dickie

Cape Cod- July 2011
With Great Grandma Ruth

Cape Cod- July 2011
Great Aunt Frannie (and Great Uncle George in the background)

Cape Cod- July 2011
The three of us on the balcony

Monday, July 18, 2011

James's First Time at the Beach 2011

There's a pond near where Kevin's mother lives on the Cape. Kevin pretty much grew up on the pond. It's salt water and the water goes out to the ocean eventually, but it's sheltered and warmer than the ocean. We thought it was the perfect place for James to dip his legs for the first time.

Cape Cod- July 2011
Feeling the sand in his toes

Cape Cod- July 2011
He's not sure he loves this water thing

He didn't like it or dislike it much at first but then he started kicking at the waves when his Great Aunt Mary took him back in.  I think he was having a pretty good time. So was Aunt Mary.

Cape Cod- July 2011
Getting into the waves with his Great Auntie Mary

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visits from Friends- July 2011

In the first ten days of July, we've visited with friends six of those days.  With the baby in the mix-- I'm impressed with us but also exhausted!

First, Ash and Michele L slept over the night before Ash and I left for the Corbman wedding. We ordered sushi and stayed up way too late having philosophical conversation and feeding the baby (at 1 a.m.). That might not have been the best idea for me.

Ash & Michele Visit 2011
A second attempt at a group picture (10 weeks + 2 days)

Then, Brady came over to provide moral support to Kevin while I was away at the wedding, and he stayed for three days until the Fourth of July cookout with Briggs, Nick G and Emily.

James at 10 weeks + 4 days 2011
Brady and James enjoying some True Blood together (Just kidding! Maybe?)

On Thursday, Kevin's friend from high school Nick C and his girlfriend Michelle R (yes, we saw two different Nicks and two Michele/Michelles in 10 days!) came to meet James and visit us before they head to their next adventure. They only recently got back from a year traveling South America, and their next destination is still unknown.  We had good conversation and two intense rounds of Connect Four. And Nick stayed up with Kevin through the 1-3 a.m. feeding. Bad idea for Kevin.

Nick and Michelle Visit 2011
Nick and Michelle meet James (11 weeks + 1 day)

Nick and Michelle Visit 2011
So much more REAL than tic tac toe

James also picked this day to start pushing out of his bouncy seat with his legs! His legs are so strong, and he seems to insist on bouncing on his legs now.  You're supposed to crawl before you walk, buddy. Oh well, Grandma Kathy tells us that Kevin skipped crawling and went straight to walking at about a year old. I crawled first, but was walking by 9 months. Is James trying to outdo us both? Personally, I think he should focus on tummy time skills, like lifting his head or rolling over, but James only screams when I put him down.

Finally, on Sunday, we ventured out of the house with James to have brunch with Lukas and Sarah. This is always a very tricky situation since James hates the car (and everything), but Luke and Sarah only live 30 minutes away so we thought we would risk it. Sarah generously offered to make brunch so we could stay in since we assume other brunch-goers do not want to hear James screaming. And oh my, what a delicious brunch she made with grits casserole, shrimp, bacon, and berry salad. We even had Bloody Marys and mimosas. Fancy.

Brunch at Lukas and Sarah's 2011
Playing with James while he SQUEALS with delight!

Brunch at Lukas and Sarah's 2011
Check out the spread!

James at 11 weeks + 4 days 2011
Bonus baby photo from the same day (11 weeks+ 4 days)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kevin Went Back to Work 2011

I survived Kevin's first day back to work for the summer session at the Manhattan campus, but just barely. Kevin still took the morning shift. (I get up with the baby for night feedings, and Kevin gets up when the baby refuses to go back to the crib between 5-6 a.m.)  I'm lucky that he's been working from home for nine weeks. I know most women are not so lucky. Maybe in civilized Europe?

James and I had a busy little day which included introduction of another toy.  He didn't like any toys before so I'm excited we now have a repertoire of two toys, even if he only likes gumming them.  While he prefers gumming the bear's ears, he chose the feet as the most satisfying on the "UglyDoll Cozymonster" Brady got him. James also had a early bath, which he always finds exhausting. Perhaps for those reasons he mercifully fell asleep at 6 p.m. Then he wanted a little payback last night. Oh well.

Kevin returns to work 2011
James is pouty about dad leaving for work (11 weeks + 5 days)

Kevin returns to work 2011
Here's the outtake where James is totally spazzing out

James at 11 weeks + 5 days 2011
Gumming the feet of the "Ugly Monster"

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

Fourth of July 2011
Fourth of July! (James at 10 weeks + 5 days.)

With a little fussy baby, we had to keep things low-key. Our friends Brady, Briggs, Nick, and Emily came over for a cookout in the back yard. It was the first time we'd seen Nick and Emily since they got married in May in Charlottesville, and the first time they met James. We weren't able to make the drive to their wedding when James was only a month old., so they filled us in on all the fun details.

<Fourth of July 2011
Emily and Nick meeting James

Fourth of July 2011
Irish men relaxing in the shade

Fourth of July 2011
Wedded bliss

It's been a while since a post was a pure James update, but here are some tidbits. He started pushing around his crib with his legs in the 9th week which is a little scary since I know he can accidentally roll onto his belly but might not be able to lift his head away from the mattress. At his June 30 appointment (10 weeks + 1 day) he measured 24.5 inches, and weighed 13 pounds 10 ounces.  Relatedly, the 4th of July was the last time I squeezed him into a 3-month outfit. Now he's rocking the 6-month onesies. The day after the 4th, James finally started holding a toy. It's the little stuffed bear that came with the flowers Janice sent me at the hospital when I had him. He enjoys the bear mainly because he likes sucking on his ear.  He can manipulate the bear into his mouth, as opposed to the pacifier, which if he drops, he can't get to himself.

James at 11 weeks 2011
James at 11 weeks

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jamie and Emily's Wedding 2011

Fourth of July weekend my friend Jamie married his love of four years, Emily, in the beautiful town of Narragansett, Rhode Island. The weather was perfect for the outside ceremony with a view of the water. The ceremony was light-hearted and short, full of funny commentary by Jamie, and touching tears of love from Emily. The cocktail hour was also outside and featured delicious little lobster rolls and light lavender lemonade vodka drinks. The reception was also lovely with the tables in two parallel lines and a walk way to the dance floor. Not to go on about the food too much, but a raw bar-- awesome.

Jamie's brother's speech really captured what a lot of us see when we look at Jamie and Emily, the world's most energetic match. To see them dance together is to know that they're soulmates. And the music at their wedding was perfect for dancing. I'm actually very picky about wedding music because I find that it is so often difficult to dance to, but the DJ was on top of his game, and more importantly, Jamie and Emily's friends can really throw down. Especially my best friends from college that were there to celebrate.

Here's to a wonderful life for them filled with love, happy energy, and much dancing!

Corbman-LeVeen Wedding 2011
You can see the love here

Corbman-LeVeen Wedding 2011
Holding a hug post-kiss, how adorable

Corbman-LeVeen Wedding 2011
Our college group in front of the Towers in Narragansett

Corbman-LeVeen Wedding 2011
With the bride and groom and my friend Christina

Corbman-LeVeen Wedding 2011
This is how you get the party started

Corbman-LeVeen Wedding 2011
Dancing with the groom

Corbman-LeVeen Wedding 2011
More dancing plus tambourine
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