Friday, July 29, 2011

North Fork with Jon and Becky 2011

Perhaps in an effort to convince me that Long Island is not a developing country Kevin whisked me off to North Fork on Thursday, where our good friends Jon and Becky had rented a vacation house for the week. Kevin has been visiting them there for the last two years, but this was the first year I didn't have to work so I could join them. The plan was to relax and make lobsters for dinner and enjoy the beach the next day.  The first plan was a success. We enjoyed some wine and beer in the backyard while Jon grilled up some corn, and then went inside while Becky boiled the lobsters. It's only the third time I've ever had lobster right out of the shell, and the first time was when I was a kid, so I struggled quite a bit with my attack strategy. The delicious reward was well worth it though.

North Fork 2011
Enjoying a walk along the bay

North Fork 2011
Jon watching Kevin and James enjoy the hammock

North Fork 2011
Wine, check, pacifier, check

North Fork 2011
Sorry, lobster buddy, we have special plates for you and everything

The next day it rained so we had to rethink our beachy plans. We decided on a two vineyard, one brewery tour. I haven't gotten out of the house s much as I used to so I was super excited. We were a little concerned about taking James to adult places even though Becky assured us they were family-friendly, but James was surprisingly well-behaved, for James. Kevin did kindly take him outside for a little while at Lenz Winery while I hit the wine tasting, but he did get to try most of the wines first. I really liked the wine there and enjoyed my time chatting with Becky while Kevin and Jon fed and bounced the baby outside.

James then had a total meltdown in the car, but since it was in private, we were pretty psyched. He rallied for the Greenpoint Brewery, possibly because he was so stimulated by all the new sights and sounds. (Stimulated = freaked out.) By the time we got to Paumanok Winery, James fell asleep for his big afternoon nap so we were able to relax, enjoy the view of the vineyard, and ask Jon and Becky about their trip to Paris from a few years ago.

North Fork 2011
Three Clous at Lenz Winery

North Fork 2011
Becky and Jon at Lenz Winery

North Fork 2011
Greenport Harbor Company

North Fork 2011
The boys at Greenport Harbor Company

North Fork 2011
Becks and Jon at Paumanok Winery

North Fork 2011
Us at Paumanok Winery

What other baby can say he celebrated his 100-day mark with a winery-brewery "crawl?" Not very many, I'm sure. He had a semi-traumatic doctor's appointment the previous day before we left for North Fork, so we know he's now 15 pounds 7 ounces, and measuring 25.5 inches long. Though when I measure him, I get 26 inches... but somewhere around there.  Our mothers insisted we ask the pediatrician about introducing cereal or other solids to get James to sleep through the night. The pediatrician said that he shouldn't have any, and that it definitely wouldn't get him to sleep through the night. In fact, he suggested NOT feeding the baby at night, but just going in to comfort him. I'm not too confident about that idea just yet. I feel like James is stubborn and strong enough to cry for hours in protest. But we will eventually try if his sleep doesn't keep getting longer on its own. Right now he's up to four hours at a time, and some nights he only gets up once.

James at 99 days 2011
At the pediatrician's with his super intense finger bandage for his anemia test



lookin' good!

JDStern said...

Glad you guys had fun. James looked like he wanted to go to a third winery. I told him we'd take him back in the fall.

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