Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visits from Friends- July 2011

In the first ten days of July, we've visited with friends six of those days.  With the baby in the mix-- I'm impressed with us but also exhausted!

First, Ash and Michele L slept over the night before Ash and I left for the Corbman wedding. We ordered sushi and stayed up way too late having philosophical conversation and feeding the baby (at 1 a.m.). That might not have been the best idea for me.

Ash & Michele Visit 2011
A second attempt at a group picture (10 weeks + 2 days)

Then, Brady came over to provide moral support to Kevin while I was away at the wedding, and he stayed for three days until the Fourth of July cookout with Briggs, Nick G and Emily.

James at 10 weeks + 4 days 2011
Brady and James enjoying some True Blood together (Just kidding! Maybe?)

On Thursday, Kevin's friend from high school Nick C and his girlfriend Michelle R (yes, we saw two different Nicks and two Michele/Michelles in 10 days!) came to meet James and visit us before they head to their next adventure. They only recently got back from a year traveling South America, and their next destination is still unknown.  We had good conversation and two intense rounds of Connect Four. And Nick stayed up with Kevin through the 1-3 a.m. feeding. Bad idea for Kevin.

Nick and Michelle Visit 2011
Nick and Michelle meet James (11 weeks + 1 day)

Nick and Michelle Visit 2011
So much more REAL than tic tac toe

James also picked this day to start pushing out of his bouncy seat with his legs! His legs are so strong, and he seems to insist on bouncing on his legs now.  You're supposed to crawl before you walk, buddy. Oh well, Grandma Kathy tells us that Kevin skipped crawling and went straight to walking at about a year old. I crawled first, but was walking by 9 months. Is James trying to outdo us both? Personally, I think he should focus on tummy time skills, like lifting his head or rolling over, but James only screams when I put him down.

Finally, on Sunday, we ventured out of the house with James to have brunch with Lukas and Sarah. This is always a very tricky situation since James hates the car (and everything), but Luke and Sarah only live 30 minutes away so we thought we would risk it. Sarah generously offered to make brunch so we could stay in since we assume other brunch-goers do not want to hear James screaming. And oh my, what a delicious brunch she made with grits casserole, shrimp, bacon, and berry salad. We even had Bloody Marys and mimosas. Fancy.

Brunch at Lukas and Sarah's 2011
Playing with James while he SQUEALS with delight!

Brunch at Lukas and Sarah's 2011
Check out the spread!

James at 11 weeks + 4 days 2011
Bonus baby photo from the same day (11 weeks+ 4 days)


michele L said...

I am very disappointed that there is no mention of my baby whispering skills ;)

eralon said...

It's true that I forgot to say it on the blog, but my captions on the photos from that day (on Flickr) do mention it.

Brian J. Leung said...

This bonus baby picture is by far my favorite!

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