Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kevin Went Back to Work 2011

I survived Kevin's first day back to work for the summer session at the Manhattan campus, but just barely. Kevin still took the morning shift. (I get up with the baby for night feedings, and Kevin gets up when the baby refuses to go back to the crib between 5-6 a.m.)  I'm lucky that he's been working from home for nine weeks. I know most women are not so lucky. Maybe in civilized Europe?

James and I had a busy little day which included introduction of another toy.  He didn't like any toys before so I'm excited we now have a repertoire of two toys, even if he only likes gumming them.  While he prefers gumming the bear's ears, he chose the feet as the most satisfying on the "UglyDoll Cozymonster" Brady got him. James also had a early bath, which he always finds exhausting. Perhaps for those reasons he mercifully fell asleep at 6 p.m. Then he wanted a little payback last night. Oh well.

Kevin returns to work 2011
James is pouty about dad leaving for work (11 weeks + 5 days)

Kevin returns to work 2011
Here's the outtake where James is totally spazzing out

James at 11 weeks + 5 days 2011
Gumming the feet of the "Ugly Monster"

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