Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kayak's Maiden Voyage 2011

For Father's Day I wanted to celebrate Kevin for being such a wonderful dad, so I got him an inflatable kayak.  Not only is it the fun sort of outdoorsy thing he loves, but it gives him a reason to take a break from his work and baby care (his two main activities). After all, he has to take advantage of my present. Since it's inflatable he can drag it around to New York lakes and Cape Cod ponds. It also helps make up a little for the lack of hiking around here.  Here's the kayak's first launch!

Cape Cod- July 2011
Blowing up the kayak

Cape Cod- July 2011
The launch

Cape Cod- July 2011
He's off!


kclou said...

The kayak is awesome. Thank you, wife.

Jamie Corbman Photography said...

Emily loves kayaking. We should get these.

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