Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

Fourth of July 2011
Fourth of July! (James at 10 weeks + 5 days.)

With a little fussy baby, we had to keep things low-key. Our friends Brady, Briggs, Nick, and Emily came over for a cookout in the back yard. It was the first time we'd seen Nick and Emily since they got married in May in Charlottesville, and the first time they met James. We weren't able to make the drive to their wedding when James was only a month old., so they filled us in on all the fun details.

<Fourth of July 2011
Emily and Nick meeting James

Fourth of July 2011
Irish men relaxing in the shade

Fourth of July 2011
Wedded bliss

It's been a while since a post was a pure James update, but here are some tidbits. He started pushing around his crib with his legs in the 9th week which is a little scary since I know he can accidentally roll onto his belly but might not be able to lift his head away from the mattress. At his June 30 appointment (10 weeks + 1 day) he measured 24.5 inches, and weighed 13 pounds 10 ounces.  Relatedly, the 4th of July was the last time I squeezed him into a 3-month outfit. Now he's rocking the 6-month onesies. The day after the 4th, James finally started holding a toy. It's the little stuffed bear that came with the flowers Janice sent me at the hospital when I had him. He enjoys the bear mainly because he likes sucking on his ear.  He can manipulate the bear into his mouth, as opposed to the pacifier, which if he drops, he can't get to himself.

James at 11 weeks 2011
James at 11 weeks

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