Friday, July 22, 2011

Long Island is a Third World Country 2011

It is a record-breaking 102 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now. Our little air-conditioner is just one year old so it's fairly modern but it can only keep our living room at about 82 degrees, but the temperature inside is rapidly climbing. We've had blackouts twice this summer, and I'm praying we don't have one today because I'm not sure how we'll handle the heat without the air conditioner. Go stay with someone? Not a great option when you have to pack a million baby things.

Also, the water in our county tested positive for E. Coli as of Monday. We found out yesterday. That's three days of drinking, bathing, and brushing our teeth with yummy E. Coli water. Not to mention that the baby drinks powder formula which is now terrifying. Since we found out we've been using bottled water for all our drinking needs and boiled water for cleaning stuff.  Right now I'm boiling water for the baby's bath, but due to a fear of burning the baby, the baby will almost definitely be getting a pretty cool bath today. I myself would like a cool shower, but since I'm not going to boil enough water for myself, I wonder what's better- not showering or bathing in E. Coli water.

Of course, the 102 degrees and no potable water are just recent developments on Long Island. There was already the uncivilized behavior and terrifying driving. And if I did live in a third world country, the taxes would much lower and there would be readily available tropical drinks. On the bright side, I don't have to worry about rebel armies on Long Island. But then, there are all those Yankees fans.

Cartagena, Colombia 2010
Cartagena, where I wish I were, instead of Long Island

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Brian J. Leung said...

Ha. I definitely saw this picture and thought to myself, "Holy crap, maybe I really DO need to give Long Island a chance, if it looks like THAT!" And then I read the caption.

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