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9 Months Pregnant 2014

33 Weeks, March 6-12
I finally finished the nursery, and took some pictures for the blog. Though honestly, since it's so far in advance of the baby it's kind of messy already and will need straightening up before the baby comes. I celebrated my birthday over two days with Kevin, James, and Grandma Kathy: enjoying dinner, a flamenco show, lunch, a visit to The Met museum, and ice cream cake.

The Met- March 2014
Clous at The Met, I'm 33 weeks

Sadly, James caught a nasty little head cold on Tuesday, and then Kevin caught it from him. I managed to avoid it so far.

Baby progress: Baby Girl is supposed to be the size of a durian (??) or a pineapple, but she's probably more like a 36-week baby as a winter melon or Swiss chard (whatever that is). She sleeps with her eyes open?
Symptoms: TMI
Cravings: Thai tea, citrus fruit
My Weight Gain: 25.5, but I'm .5 heavier than I was with James
Compare to 33 weeks with James

34 Weeks, March 13-19
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with Cory and Robin. Kevin had his Spring Beak this week so we went for a quick babymoon in Atlantic City!

St. Patrick's Day 2014
St. Patrick's Day!

Baby progress: Baby Girl is supposed to be the size of a butternut squash or a cantaloupe, but she's probably more like a 37-week baby as a honey dew or romaine lettuce. These vegetables are really weird right? And they don't necessarily get bigger each week either.... She's listening to us talk and sing.
Symptoms: Started the week with trouble sleeping and throwing up at night! Awesome. By then end of the week I needed a ton of sleep.
Cravings: Mango!
My Weight Gain: 27 pounds, 1 pound lighter than last time
Compare to 34 weeks with James

Babymoon in AC 2014
Clous swimming at Atlantic City (my boys are so cute!)

35 Weeks, March 20-26
To close out Kevin's Spring Break, Brady visited. The boys went out, and when they were home we all watched the NCAA tournament. On Sunday, Lukas and Sarah over for kvetching (I am the reigning champion) and basketball. The weather was a little nicer so I started walking for exercise, but then the weather got cold again. I took a video of the baby going crazy inside my belly. Wednesday I had my 36-week appointment a day early and everything was good, but that night James got sick with the norovirus.

Baby progress:
Baby dropped. Or drops. Sometimes it feels like she dropped, and other times not so much.  Baby is supposed be about the size of a honeydew melon or a coconut; about 5 1/4 pounds. But we know she's way bigger-- getting close to 8 pounds probably. She doesn't have much room to maneuver now that she's probably over 18 inches long. Her kidneys are fully developed, and her liver can process some waste products. Most of her basic physical development is now complete — she'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight. Her hearing is fully developed.

Symptoms: So sleepy! Bloody nose. Everything is itchy. Sitting and lying down are uncomfortable.
Cravings: Mango juice! Mandarins! Peaches. Citrus. Citrus. Citrus.
My Weight Gain: 29 pounds, 1 pound lighter than last time (maybe walking will help?)
Compare to 35 weeks with James

9 Months!, March 27- April 2
James and I got hit with the Norovirus hard. Dehydration gave me contractions and they got up to 4 minutes apart before an IV at the hospital stopped them. Luckily, Sarah and Lukas babysat James for us while I recovered. Thanks to my little emergency, I decided it was time to pack my hospital bag!

Norovirus 2014
My "9-month photo" 

Baby progress: Baby keeps playing the up-down game where sometimes it feels like she's dropped and other times not so much. The baby is supposed to be about about the size of a head of romaine lettuce or a honeydew. She's supposed to be about 6 pounds and gaining an ounce day. But she's not. She's probably more like 8 pounds already. Wish I knew for sure!

She's shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin during her nine-month amniotic bath. Most of her systems are in working order at 36 weeks.

Symptoms: Terrible acid reflux so I can only sleep with my head propped on 3 pillows and a lot of back support (like on the couch).
Cravings: Mango juice, raisins
Anti-cravings: Bananas cause instant acid reflux and hurt, ice cream makes me kind of ill, no more coffee
My Weight Gain: 28.5 pounds, 2.5 pounds less than last time
Things I Miss: Walking comfortably, sitting comfortably, sleeping, clothing fitting me, coffee, alcohol, you name it
Compare to 36 weeks with James

37 Weeks Pregnant 2014
Today, at 37 weeks +1 day, and 20 days to go!

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