Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My 35th Birthday in NYC 2014

We sort of unintentionally celebrated my birthday for two days because we made our birthday plans for Saturday but my birthday fell on Sunday and we kept doing fun stuff. So I'm counting all of it as part of my birthday.

Grandma Kathy was visiting so I decided that I would love to go to Target sans toddler for the first time in almost 3 years (1). I got to slowly walk down aisles and pick out stuff I wanted without having to worry that James was freaking out. I am such a mom-stereotype/meme. I even bought myself a huge purse with some of my birthday money (2). When we got back, I ate Chocolate Lucky Charms for lunch like a boss (3). Kevin kindly watched James for a little while so Grandma Kathy and I could go get our nails done (4). The weather was so amazing I went without my coat! (5) And high on the warm weather, I got a ridiculous Eastery-purple on my nails. (6) Before Kevin and I left for dinner, I got a group family photo, because I love it. (7)

Ericka's 35th Birthday 2014
The 3.5 Clous on my 35th birthday

For dinner we trying to go to Chuko, a ramen place that I went to with Michele and her brother eons ago, but at 6 pm the wait was an 1.5 hours! Luckily there was a 4-star sushi place across the street. Inaka was delicious and I especially recommend their mango roll. (8) I ordered a Thai iced tea but they were out, and the only other fun non-alcoholic beverage was a Japanese soda, so I got that. Opening it was super involved and it tasted like bubble gum! (9)

Flamenco- March 2014
Sushi dinner at Inaka

We had tickets to a flamenco show at New York City center. I'm a fan of flamenco, and these tickets were cheap and on my birthday. (10) It wasn't so good, but who can really complain about seeing flamenco on your birthday in Manhattan? Not even me. Also, I made the best blog-inappropriate joke ever after the show, which though Kevin did not admit was funny, I assure you he found it hilarious. (11) Ask me in person and I will tell you. But only in person.

Flamenco- March 2014
Flamenco Show at City Center!

Since I have a cell phone for the first time since 2008, I was able to take photos and check-in everywhere on my own phone. Like a person who exists in this millennium! (12) And since Kevin drove us to Brooklyn, and we took the subway in to the show, we were able to drive back home instead of being at the mercy of the LIRR. (13) Ah, it's the little things.

Grandma Kathy let us both sleep in on Sunday, which hasn't happened since whenever the last time Grandma Kathy let us do that... maybe in December? (14) When I got up, James sang "Happy Birthday," to me. This is the first year he's been able to do that and it was amazing. He even pointed when sang the final "to you."(15)

Grandma Kathy had never had a banh mi sandwich before so we went to a restaurant with good reviews on our way to the museum, Vietnaam. We all had banh mis (16) James and I shared a bubble Thai iced tea (17).

Lunch at Vietnaam 2014
Enjoying out sandwiches and drinks

Next up, Grandma Kathy asked to go to The Met to see an exhibit on Pompeii that interested her, so off we went. (18) She went on a big trip to Italy in October to celebrate her 60th birthday and got to travel to the actual ruins of Pompeii and got really into all the archaeology and art work there. When we walked into the museum and into the big Greek and Roman hall James said, "Wow!" His wonder and excitement never gets old for me. (19) Even though he mostly just wanted to throw pennies into the fountain rather than actually appreciating ancient art. Haha.

The Met- March 2014
Grandma Kathy, James, Kevin in front of The Met

The Met- March 2014
Part of the Pompeii exhibit

The Met- March 2014
Family picture at The Met? Yes please! (20)

Grandma Kathy had popped tortellini in the slow cooker before we left so when we got home dinner was ready for us. Yum! (21 ) And Kevin even got me an ice cream cake with my name on it! (That should count for 2 things right? Because it's ice cream AND cake? 22-23) More happy birthday singing ensued, I made a wish, and James helped me blow out my candles. (24)

My 35th Birthday 2014
Ice cream cake!

My 35th Birthday 2014
Helping me blow out the candles

I am 11 "Fun things" short here so I will add that I got three birthday cards (Grandma Ruth, Kathy, and Kevin) and fun little gifts from Janice, plus calls from mom, Grandma Daisy, Ash, Michele, and Onel, as well as some random emails, text messages, and Facebook messages. (35) Bam.

But really, it's more than enough to celebrate my 35th birthday pregnant with a healthy baby and to have my family healthy. I think of my friends struggling with their health or their family's health nearly all the time, and I appreciate how lucky I am this year-- and I hope we're all lucky in the years to come.

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