Monday, March 10, 2014

Nursery 2014

One of the best parts about updating the nursery is how much James loves his new room. We kept the nautical theme, but I tried to make the new baby's side girlier by adding mermaids and more pink. On James's side, we got him a new bed Kevin's family bought him Jake and the Never Land Pirates' sheets, and we tried to make the room generally more fun by adding wall decals.

Baby girl side with mermaids. Though she still need some mermaid dolls.

Nursery 2014
Peak in the crib! (though we'll take out everything before she sleeps there)

Nursery 2014
Changing table's new location with baby gear inside- and new cheapy drawers

James is seriously in love with his room now. He calls his room "under water," and invites people to come under water with him, and then he shows them all the fish. At his suggestion we even added a few fish to the ceiling. Kevin also set up my old iPod in his room so he could listen to all his nursery rhyme jams in there. He sits in his little rocking chair singing all the songs or paging through his books.

Nursery 2014
James's side

Nursery 2014
James's reading nook

Nursery 2014
A view of both their beds

8 Months Pregnant 2014
The girls are both ready!

Coming Home- February 2014
The boys enjoying the "reading nook"

And here's a picture of what our room looks like right now since baby will be sleeping in our room for a few months.

Co-sleeper 2014
Co-sleeper on my side and glider that will move to nursery when baby does.

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