Friday, June 30, 2017

J & M in Super Soccer Stars 2017

My friend Erica and I took our kids to Super Soccer Stars at the library on Thursday. There was a little kids class for Miranda and her little Kacy at 11, and then there was a soccer class for the big kids James and Kyle at 12. We also had James's and Kyle's friend Nick with us, and Kyle's cousin Gabe and they got a chance to play too. Fun times!

PJFL- June 2017
Selfie of everyone

PJFL- June 2017 
Miranda playing soccer

PJFL- June 2017
Kids taking a snack break outside

PJFL- June 2017 
Big kids playing soccer

PJFL- June 2017 
Miranda, James, Kyle, Nick, Gabe, and Kyle (busy right now)

June 2017
Taking these well-behaved kiddos for ice cream

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