Monday, June 26, 2017

Last Days of Kindergarten 2017

James is done with Kindergarten! He's so little and basically perfect right now that I would totally stop time if I could (except that Miranda is a threenager so I definitely wouldn't stop time). The Kindergarten Move-Up Ceremony was Monday, and they split the class into two to minimize the craziness, so we really only saw half the class "moving up." They mostly sang a bunch of really funny pop song covers but with new lyrics about entering first grade.

J's K Move-Up 2017
Entering the cafetorium

J's K Move-Up 2017
The principal greeting us

Kindergarten Move-Up 2017
Everybody is ready to sing; James is chatting with some girl he just met.

All the Kindergarteners

Afterward, we went back to the classroom to give Mr. J a gift from the class. It included a big art project from the kids and gift cards to every conceivable thing in our town.

J's K Move-Up 2017
Mr. J seeing his gift

Kindergarten Move-Up 2017
Handprints from all the kids.

J's K Move-Up 2017
Me with my little graduate and little photo bomb

Tuesday, we had some early summer relaxing with his friends Kyle and Nicholas.

June 2017
Swimming at Kyle's

June 2017
Snack time!

Thursday was the real last day- a half day. We out him on the bus in the morning, and picked him in the afternoon to leave for Cape Cod.

Last Day of K 2017
First and Last Day of Kindergarten

Last Day of K 2017
Goodbye kiss from Miranda

Last Day of K 2017;
Last Kindergarten bus ride

I asked him about his Kindergarten classes, to get a sense of what his little life was like. The things I knew were that he got on the bus every morning at 8:54 a.m., and school started 9:45. He also had a snack every day at 10:30 and his lunch at 1:30, followed by a brief recess. He got on the bus at 3:15, and after a long time waiting to get on the bus at the end of the day, he'd get home at 4:20-4:30 p.m.

He told me that: "Mondays is music in the morning, Tuesdays is art in the afternoon, Wednesday is gym in the morning, Thursday is computer class in the morning and library in the afternoon, Friday is gym in the morning, and on the bus you could sit in the back even if you aren't a 1st grader yet.

My favorite thing is gym because I get to run around a lot. Computer was my second favorite, my third favorite was art, and my last favorite was music."

Class of 2029
Class of 2029! (Adult size shirt to wear when he's 18.)

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