Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our First Date 2006

Michael's Bistro 2006
Kevin at Michael's Bistro in Cville (2006)
Happy anniversary! I know we're married now, so the old dating anniversary should no longer count, but I think it should this year, since otherwise there is no anniversary this year.

These pictures show how we looked in summer of 2006 when we met. I got a bit overdressed to get coffee at Mudhouse and Sarah, my unfailingly kind law school friend, drove me there. That's why when Kevin and I got married, I had Sarah give me the ring. Without her, how could it have happened?

Busch Gardens 2006
Ericka at Busch Gardens (2006)
It was Sunday, so Kevin was sitting outside reading the New York Times. The first thing I noticed about him was his bushy hair and that he was cute. Being overdressed payed off perhaps because Kevin got me a cappuccino while he sipped a green tea. While he tried to impress me with his two-book contract and personal Dave Barry connection (I love Dave Barry), I somehow managed not to frighten him off with my denial of the existence happiness.

Maybe he thought some ice cream would make me happier? After Mudhouse, he suggested we walk over to Chaps for dessert. I was charmed. He drove me home to Ivy Gardens and asked if I'd be interested in another date. I said, "definitely."


Jim said...

Adorable, in a barf-y sort of way.

Chris and Jason said...

Congrats! Cute story. Jason is trying to convince me that now that we are married our original anniversary doesn't count anymore. I'm not buying it. (:

M said...

A tear to my eye. What a handsome devil.

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