Thursday, July 23, 2009

Before I Met Kevin 2006

Welcome to our new family blog. I was inspired by my friends' yearly Christmas updates and my friends at Wanderings and Our little British baby to keep our own little family story. Part news update-- part personal keepsake. (Did you know that you can turn a blog into a printed book with just a few clicks on Blurb?)

I was going to wait until the anniversary of meeting Kevin next week to talk about how we met, but a search of my Gmail account (if you're using unsearchable email, why bother?) turned up something so amazing, I had to start today.

I like it not only because it's funny, but because it's so sad and scary. I know some of you are single and you worry about being alone or "settling." Well, I hope you take heart that I got this email exactly three years ago, the day before my future husband's first email to me. Kevin hates clichés, but "it's always darkest before dawn" is pretty appropriate here:

Hi daddymac.


kclou said...

Were you almost dating Anchorman?

Ericka said...

So. close.

Jim said...

I would have hung in there long enough for the mustache ride.

kclou said...

Even after three years I'm going to go with too soon.

eralon said...

I know, I feel like Jim just violated me. Is this how you talk about your buddy's wife? You just wait until your daughter gets a little older, I'm introducing her to Paduch.

Hope said...

Why wouldn't you go out with a guy who's handle was daddymac?

Jim said...

A short list of things I've spent the last four weeks teaching Katherine:

-Look both ways
-Don't talk to strangers
-Lemon is not a 'weird' flavor
-The Clouthers will try to mislead you

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