Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wendy and Clark's Wedding 2009

Our first wedding as a married couple! My high school friend Wednesday had been dating Clark for years, and they had long since resolved to elope. The first time they tried to do so was September 11, 2008. They got to the City Clerk's office right before it closed and realized they hadn't gotten out cash for the marriage license. Personally, I'm glad they were foiled the first time. They were able to avoid accidentally having a September 11th wedding anniversary, and when they actually made it back there this July 16, the City Clerk's office had been completely refurbished.

I kept hoping that when they finally got married I would get a last minute call. A month after Kevin and I returned from our honeymoon, I got an email on Tuesday that they would be married on Thursday. I was pleased and impressed that I was finding out before the actual day.

I was able to make it to the ceremony thanks to my job, and I was really thrilled to be there. Clark was happy and nervous and kept checking for their number to come up on the monitors. I got to spend time with them in the disco-music-playing waiting room and took a ton of pictures of them. It felt like having cocktail hour before the ceremony. I was touched that they used her parents' wedding rings. Though the ceremony was very brief, the way Wednesday's face lit up when it was finished was really beautiful.

Griffin-Knudsen Wedding 2009
First married hug

Griffin-Knudsen Wedding 2009
Knudsen family rings

Most people couldn't make it to the actual ceremony, but they had an after-party in a cool hotel in the Lower East Side after work. Kevin was able to join me for the after-party. He enjoyed the whiskey and made lots of new friends; I enjoyed the super-tasty wedding cake with coconut. We had a really nice time with them. Congratulations Wendy and Clark! May you have a lifetime of happiness.

Griffin-Knudsen Wedding 2009
Cutting the wedding cake at the after-party

Griffin-Knudsen Wedding 2009
Kissing in front of the Empire State Building


kclou said...

I may have enjoyed the whiskey too much. Cool spot. Fun times.

Chris and Jason said...

Thanks for sharing - love the pictures! Sad I couldn't be there.

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