Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July 2009!

For the Fourth of July, Kevin and I went to NoVa to celebrate the Fourth of July with some of our closest, dearest friends. I had dinner with Janice and Darren, Sarah and Donald and Josh the day we arrived. Josh also visited us in New York last week before making his way down to Virginia before starting his JAG training. Then some of us met up with Julie to walk around Old Town Alexandria.

Visiting Virginia 2009
Janice, Sarah, and I at Duangrat's Thai restaurant

Visiting Virginia 2009
Donald's favorite Thai restaurant (with Josh)

Visiting Virginia- July 2009
Photoshopped best-of-Darren with best-of-Janice

Old Town Alexandria 2009
In front of the Court House in Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria 2009
Pop's Old Fashioned Ice Cream in Alexandria

The following day, Jaime threw a party for the Fourth of July-- and basically for us. We barbecued, basked in the sun, watched fireworks and had a lovely time.

Fourth of July 2009
Jaime and I view DC Fireworks from Arlington

Fourth of July 2009
Cory and Robin

<Fourth of July 2009
Lina and Roger

Fourth of July 2009
Our first married holiday, Independence Day?


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