Monday, March 31, 2014

Winter Snow 2013-14

So this is only the second year that winter storms have had names. Usually names are reserved for hurricanes.

First Snow of 2013
First snow of the winter, Tuesday, 11/12/13 Atlas

Snow Storm Dion got to us on Tuesday, December 10th, and was just a light snow. Kevin was done teaching classes at the main campus for the semester anyway, so we were all home. To work out a little of James's winter cabin fever, Kevin took James out to see the snow and walk to the library just a few blocks from our place.

Snow- December 2013
Tuesday, 12/10

Snow Storm Electra gave us 3-4 inches on December 14th, but it didn't stop us from venturing out in the snow (via train) to go to Sarah and Lukas's joint birthday in Queens. Then "Snow Storm Falco" only gave us another inch around December 18-19th.

Sarah & Lukas's Birthdays 2013
Snow Storm Electra with Lukas, Sarah, and friends, 12/14/14

Sunday, December 22, instead of snow, we got some unseasonable warm weather here. We left our coats at home and went to the park with Andrew who was here visiting. Monday, December 23rd, snow storm Gemini started hitting the Northeast as we were driving up to the Cape but we got mostly rain. My uncle and aunt were hit pretty hard in Maine and lost power for several days. We had a couple more flurries on Christmas in Cape Cod. White Christmas!

Snow Storm Hercules hit on Thursday, January 2nd, and James went sledding for the first time on that Friday! But he didn't like it. But he loved it when he tried again the following Sunday. Sadly, I had to move my doctor's appointment to see Itty Bitty until the following week.

Sledding 2014
Sledding for the second time, 1/5/14

These snow storms were followed by a bunch of days that were very very cold in New York. January 7th ,had a high of 10 degrees in New York.

My theory is that Snow Storm Janus was named for Janice's upcoming birthday. The storm gave Kevin snow day from the Manhattan campus on Wednesday, January 22. He didn't even have to make up the class on a Saturday.

27 Weeks 2014
We had some more flurries on the following Saturday when we went to NMH, 1/25

Snow Storms Maximus and Nika came back-to-back. Maximus on Monday February 3rd, gave us 8" and Nika on Tuesday-Wednesday, gave us 4". Stony Brook had snow days but Kevin doesn't work on Monday and Wednesday anyway, so whatever.

Snow Day- February 2014
James and his first snowman, 2/3/14

Shoveling- February 2014
Shoveling during "Maximus"

Pax: Thursday, February 13th. Kevin got a snow day! We got a tiny bit more snow on the 15th (Quintus).

Kevin's 34th Birthday 2014
King of the mountain, 2/15/14

James- March 2014
Bad conditions for driving, 3/2/14

We really haven't had much snow in a long time, so when I asked Kevin on Sunday night if he thought it was really over, he said yes with a fair bit of confidence. Then we had flurries today. But that's it! No more snow! I declare it so!

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