Friday, December 20, 2013

Sarah and Lukas's Birthdays 2013

Sarah has an early December birthday and Lukas has a New Year's Day birthday, so they split the difference and decided to celebrate mid-December. (I don't know why Kevin and I have never thought of that when we're only 3 weeks apart ourselves!)

Sarah & Lukas's Birthdays 2013
Jon, Lukas, and Kevin at Mars in Astoria

We had dinner in their neighborhood in Astoria, at a new restaurant called Mars. The food was really good! The company was even better. Even though it snowed all day, not a single person cancelled. Their friends solidly love them!

Sarah & Lukas's Birthdays 2013
Me and Sarah- I met her 7 years ago in December 2006!

Sarah & Lukas's Birthdays 2013
Eye-ing the oysters

Sarah & Lukas's Birthdays 2013
Still snowing after dinner!

Happy belated birthday, Sarah! Happy early birthday, Lukas! We're lucky to get to see you guys so much!

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