Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Car 2013

Well, new to us. We bought a used 2011 Honda Insight hybrid! It's technically my first car ever (at the age of 34) because Kevin actually bought the last car about a year before he even met me.

I'm super-excited mainly because it has 4 doors! Can you believe we had a car seat in a 2-door car for 3 years and countless roadtrips? We were insane, but the insanity is over now. By which I mean, the insanity is going to escalate dramatically now that we will have 2 children in 2 carseats in the back.

One funny thing is how much our new car looks like our old car. It's like Kevin's taste in cars has gone the way of his taste in women. He's always liked brunettes, but now he likes them with a little more um, space, and a bigger trunk. That's what I tell myself anyway.

Our 2002 Honda Civic 2005-2013
The old 2002 Honda Civic with 2 doors- total "single guy" ride.

New Car 2014
Our new 2011 Honda Insight with more booty

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