Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post-Christmas on the Cape 2013

So we stayed on the Cape for a full week, which was maybe longer than advisable, and possibly longer than anyone wanted us there. But we had so much fun!

James got to spend more quality time with Dolores's granddaughters Ellen (6.5), Lillian (almost 4), and Beatrice (almost 2). Ellen is a under-represented in the photos, especially since she practically babysat James one morning.

Post-Christmas 2013
James with Lillian and Beatrice

Post-Christmas on Cape 2013
James and Beatrice on a mini-Roundabout

James also spent a lot of quality time with Grandma, who among other things took him to the train store. He also had an afternoon with Aunt Mary doing puzzles and reading books, and an evening with Aunt Nesie doing holiday crafts and drawing.

Post-Christmas on Cape 2013
At the train store- here comes the elf on the train!

Post-Christmas on Cape 2013
James loves it

Post-Christmas on Cape 2013
A little hands-on train time.

He also got a visit from his Great-great Aunt Barbara, and Grandma's cousin Mike and his wife Melinie, and their daughter (and Kevin's second cousin) Abigail who's close in age to James.

Post-Christmas on Cape 2013
Grandma, James, Abigail, Melinie, and Mike

Post-Christmas on Cape 2013
Kissing cousins James and Abigail

Kevin and I also got to go for an easy little hike at Fort Hill near the ocean and we saw two movies with Andrew. And a big highlight for me was our two trips to the 28 Club on our trip. Granted, I can't drink, but the company was so fantastic I didn't even mind. Tuesday evening Kevin, Andrew, Katie, Chris and I joined his uncle George, cousin Mike, and cousin Megan for a few quick drinks before dinner.

Saturday, my friend Jaime and Kevin's friend Casey came up and joined us for a family dinner and drinks at the 28 Club. Another one of Casey's friend James joined us too. Hilarity ensued. And I successfully drove everyone home despite being pretty rusty. We had a big sleepover.

Post-Christmas on Cape 2013
Casey and Kevin enjoying drinks

Post-Christmas on Cape 2013
Casey, Andrew, Kevin, me, Jaime

It was a wonderful break, and now we're looking forward to 2014-- the year we have our little girl and Kevin's short story collection gets published. Good things ahead! Happy New Year!

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