Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Cards 2007-2012

I am dreading dealing with Christmas cards this year. I updated my address book, so that's a big step considering tons of people on my list moved this year. But I still haven't made the actual card... so I feel a bit behind. Here's a fun list of our previous cards.

In 2007, after Kevin proposed on the steps of the New York Public Library, we sent cards with the Library on the card.

Clouther Christmas Card 2007
 #1- 2007, New York Public Library

In 2008, the year we moved to New York, we sent Rockefeller Center cards. I worked pretty close to the plaza so it made sense. We also included save-the-date magnets for our wedding inside the card. It's been really fun seeing the magnets still on friends' refrigerators. Some of them are still up!

2008 12 Christmas card Clou 392
#2- 2008, Rockefeller Center

In 2009, we cheated and sent Christmas cards/ Thank you notes from the wedding.

Clouther Wedding 2009
#3- 2009, group photo from our June wedding

Well, 2010 was a hard year for me because I lost my dad in November, so I made this from James's sonogram and just emailed it out.

Clou Christmas E-card 2010
#4- 2010, James's 12-week sonogram.

By contrast, 2011 was the happiest Christmas yet because we had a new little Santa in our home.

Clouther Christmas Card 2011
#5- 2011, James's first Christmas!

In 2012, I couldn't find a card I liked that fit all the pictures I wanted. Plus I was scandalized by the price of Christmas cards so I made my own for the first time. This presented a problem when trying to find envelopes for them. Trying to make my own card again this year... wonder if it would be easier to just go back to the pre-made ones.

2012 12 Christmas Card- Clouther
#6- 2012, first home-made card

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