Thursday, December 12, 2013

5 Months Pregnant 2013

17 Weeks, November 14-20
We went to Queens on Saturday but otherwise took it easy this week.

Baby progress: Baby is the size of an onion. She has been kicking a lot! I even felt her from the outside once, so I think Kevin should be able to feel her soon.
Symptoms: Acid reflux, tired (still- although not as much), stuffy and runny nose.
Cravings: Fish! Juice.
Anti-cravings: Anything spicy
My Weight Gain: 7 pounds (Last time 9 pounds)
Compare to week 17 with James

November 2013

18 Weeks, November 21-27
This week we flew to Florida to celebrate Andrew's 30th birthday in Key West! Unfortunately, Kevin had so much fun that he brought a hardcore cold home with him.

At the end of the week, Kevin felt the baby kick for the first time!

Baby progress: Baby is the size of sweet potato or bell pepper.
Symptoms: Headaches. Stuffy and runny nose. I have lots of tissues with me. Luckily James loves running them to the trash for me. (Hey, I'm not sick! Just pregnant.) Some early nesting. And when I go back from Key West- oh boy, I felt AWFUL. Such painful acid reflux, and so early still!
Cravings: Fruit juice
Anti-cravings: None

My Weight Gain: 9 pounds, Oh no. I'm almost on the same schedule as last time! I even started getting more exercise again lately. Sigh. (Last time 10 pounds)
Compare to week 18 with James

Key West, Nov. 23, 18 weeks
19 Weeks, November 28- December 4 
Thanksgiving! We got a tree this week and started decorating! James and I caught Kevin's cold. Boo. Like pregnancy symptoms weren't bad enough without a cold on top.

Baby progress: Baby is the size of mango! She has a vernix caseosa on her skin to protect it. She kicks a lot. Every morning she's kicking by 8:30 a.m. and seems to move around in response to James screaming or to me singing to James.
Symptoms: The acid reflux feels like knives in my throat. Sometimes I wake up choking from it. Bad headaches. Hip pain, and trouble standing up sometimes because of it. Super stuffy nose. I feel awful this week.

Cravings: Lime juice

Anti-cravings: Wheat bread- GROSS

My Weight Gain: 10 pounds (Last time 12.5 pounds)
Compare to week 19 with James

Thanksgiving 2013

Five Months!, 20 Weeks, December 5-11

December 2013

Baby progress: We had our 20-week hospital sonogram where they check everything about the baby in detail, and the technician and the doctor said everything looked great. She was 14 ounces which is normal size for 20-weeks, but they said that my file said that at my 12-week sonogram appointment at my doctors office they had moved my due date up a week (to 4/17), so really I was 21 weeks already. I protested this because I don't want my baby to come out early if I have to get a c-section again, but so far, I've been ignored.

This is usually the appointment where you can see if the baby is a boy or a girl but I already knew this time from genetic testing. Nonetheless we confirmed visually: the baby is still a girl.

Also, the sonogram technician said that my placenta is in the back this time which means there is less padding between me and the baby. She has direct access to kick my internal organs. She said that this likely explains why I could feel the baby before 12 weeks, and why her kicks and movements feel so much more intense than they did with James. So maybe she's not fated to be a professional soccer player like I thought. Or maybe she is.

Otherwise, the baby is about the size of a banana. She has working taste buds now, so hopefully she enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner, and isn't suffering too much from my new experimentation in the kitchen.

We also went to Ben's 1st birthday party this week, and had a fun visit from Casey.

Symptoms: Painful hips, trouble sleeping already-- I took out the "Things I miss" category for this pregnancy because it seemed a bit negative, and I really haven't missed anything so far (not even alcohol!) but this week I started to miss being able to lie on my stomach. It's okay not being able to do it for a few weeks, but not being able to do it for so long makes me want to.
Cravings: Rice pudding, strawberry ice cream, cinnamon, saffron, soy milk, cranberry juice, citrus fruits.... poor Kevin.
Anti-cravings: Spicy food. A lot of packaged foods gross me out too.

My Weight Gain: 9.5-10.5 pounds (Last time 12 pounds)
Compare to week 20 with James

Belly at 20 weeks (or maybe 21 weeks)

Today I'm 21 weeks! Or possibly 22 weeks, depending on whom you ask. Due date?: April 17-24.

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