Monday, November 29, 2010

17-19 Weeks, November 2010

Obviously you all know that these were the worst weeks of my life so I didn't keep any kind of baby diary. But here are the basic stats:

17 Weeks: November 7-13
Milestones: I feel the baby kicking for the first time. According to our baby book, the baby is growing body fat now. Baby is also starting to practice swallowing amniotic fluid.   The brain  also regulates the heart beat now.
Craving: chocolate, fruit juice, grapes
Anti-craving: None
Symptoms: Light acid reflux, bloody nose
Baby-size: Turnip
Weight gain: 9 pounds

Ramsey 2003
18 Weeks: November 14-20
Milestones: Baby kicking every day. According to our baby book, the baby is practicing yawning and hiccuping.
Craving: chocolate, fruit juice, home-made cranberry sauce
Anti-craving: None
Symptoms: Bad acid reflux
Baby-size: Bell pepper
Weight gain: I don't know, I was living at the hospital with mom and dad

19 Weeks, November 21-27
Milestones:  Baby kicking hard enough for others to feel or see- Kevin and his mom felt the kicking and my mother saw it.  According to our baby book, the baby now has vernix caseosa, a cheesy-looking substance on its skin to protect it.
Craving: any protein, fruit juice, coffee
Anti-craving: None
Symptoms: bad acid reflux, discomfort bending
Baby-size: Mango
Weight gain: 12.5

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