Friday, November 12, 2010

Dad's Emergency Leg Radiation 2010

Dad has been in the hospital since Friday. His kidney improved its function on its own. The nausea and stomach problems he developed in the hospital also improved after my mother asked for a number of interventions. But during this time his leg tumor grew very rapidly and is pushing on the bone (also noted because my mother demanded someone look at his leg). The doctors decided to send him to emergency leg radiation surgery today at the facility where he had his brain radiation surgery done. This is his third leg procedure he's had done. I'm dubious because as a rule radiation does not work on kidney cancer, which is what he has in his leg.

This weekend, I watched Joel Osteen, as I sometimes do if I come across him while changing channels. He gave a sermon about God helping those that help themselves and ask for God's help. He gave the example of David fighting Goliath with the only weapon available to him- a stick to make a sling shot. The idea is that God makes an otherwise inadequate weapon powerful. So here we are, here is our radiation stick. God, this is the part where you step in and make it work even though it otherwise wouldn't. Please and thank you.

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