Sunday, March 9, 2014

Updating the Nursery 2014

At first we thought we might have the kids in separate rooms, but when it occurred to us that having a baby, having Kevin go on book tour, and moving all the same summer was not a good idea, we decided that the new baby would stay in our room for the first few months, and then she'd share a room with James until we bought a house.

This is the nursery when we first set it up in 2011. We finally changed the crib to a toddler bed in July for James. So we wanted to reclaim the crib before the baby came so that James wouldn't blame the baby for taking his bed, and he'd have time to adjust to a new one. So our first step was to clear out the room a little, and rebuold the crib.

Working on Nursery 2014

Working on Nursery 2014
Moved the diaper changing table

Working on Nursery 2014
Where James's toddler bed is going to go

Working on Nursery 2014
My boys building the crib for my little girl!

Here's a super awesome video of James tightening the screws on the crib for his sister:

James building the crib.

I also had to clear out all the clutter in my room to make space for the baby's first home. So we have the nursery and the space in our room all set up now. I'll post the pictures in the next post.

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