Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Attila Opera 2010

For my actual birthday, Kevin and I went to the opera again, this time to see Attila. This performance was better than Elektra in December, with better sets (read: more than 1), and more dramatic. The music was more interesting too, but sadly since there was no catchy tune, we couldn't come home and sing it like we did last time. Agamemnon! Agamemnon! So we just sang the Agamemnon song again instead.

On the battlefield

Metropolitan Opera: Attila
I know Attila's a tyrant, but his fiance seems harsh


Cory said...

I hadn't heard about your Agamemnon adventure.

I hate every Greek I see,
From tough Sparta to Mycenae,
No you'll never make a tyrant out of me,
Yes you've finally made a tyrant out of me!

I love you Menelaus!

M said...

Wow, I didn't know it was a Patroclus situation for you.

eralon said...

I thought Patroclus was hot for Achilles.

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