Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things My Wife Complains About #28: Pillows

Here is a quick pillow breakdown of the master bedroom:

Normal pillows: 4
Decorative pillows: 2
"Pregnancy" pillows: 2
"Wedge": 1

Total pillows: 9

I am allowed to use one pillow, but this pillow is given begrudgingly, as my wife claims I use no pillows. Actually, she claims I'm actively hostile toward pillows. (Apparently, this is genetic, as my brother did not even own pillows until my wife, horrified, insisted we buy him pillows.) In any event, two nights ago James figured out how to drench his pillow in urine, so now I have zero pillows. 

My wife complains, repeatedly, that there are "no pillows." I'm not sure how many pillows a queen-size bed can support, but nine seems like a lot with one six-foot non-pregnant person and one five-foot pregnant person. Often, my wife complains that I'm taking up too much room, which is sensible given that she is invariably surrounded on three sides by pillows. Only her feet have no pillows.

Of course, the nine pillows are never on the bed at the same time because the two decorative pillows are only allowed to be on the bed when people are not. I don't want to get into how ridiculous this is to me because I recognize that the concept of decorative pillows makes complete sense to about half the people in the world and no sense to the other half, and there is no gray area or hope of conversion.

It's also worth noting that one pregnancy pillow was recently banished for reasons I don't understand.

Possible solutions!

1) Replace me with Kevin-shaped pillow
2) Fill house with pillows, so wife might fall asleep anywhere at any time in comfort
3) Deal with a pregnant woman's demands for another half a month (hard)

James and the Preggo Pillow 2013
James likes the pregnancy pillow


Cory said...

Imagine your pillow situation if you traveled to countries whose GDP was almost exclusively textile-driven. I estimate that Mongolia, Turkey, and the other places we've been in recent years are functionally pillow-sham-ocracies. 90% of our post-Mongolia luggage weight was felt products made by Mongols or Kazaks. The Turkish economy, respectively, is comprised of an even mixture of porcelain, pillow slips, and towels.

Ericka said...

Cory, where are all my gift-pillows? Hm?

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