Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hospital Tour 2014

Even though I'm delivering at the same hospital as I did three years ago, and it is the hospital I had to check into a week ago for norovirus dehydration, I decided to do the hospital tour this Saturday anyway.  Our hospital built new maternity facilities immediately after I had James so a lot of things have changed. When I had James, I had to share a room with one really noisy couple that invited their whole family over to party, followed by the unhappiest couple in the world that would complain basically every 5 minutes that they were waiting for a private room. I got to drag my IV past all of them to get to the bathroom. Back then to get a private room you had to pay hundreds of dollars a night. But now, thanks to a generous donation to hospital maternity, everyone gets a private room!

When James was born they took him away from me for 4 hours and they wouldn't give him back! I was as mad as the post-surgery-drugs as I was on would allow. Now all the babies are supposed to room with the mothers as much as possible. Here's a picture of the nursery- empty!

Hospital Nursery 2014
All the babies are with their mamas!

One change that's very sad is that when James was born I was able to donate his stem cells through a New York State stem cell foundation so that other children who need them for cancer treatment could use it. But the foundation no longer has an office in our hospital. I've been looking around the internet to see if there's a way I can still donate, but so far no luck.

Other than that, the hospital now recommends that mothers get vaccinated for pertussis (dTap) with each pregnancy so that the baby gets a little of the immunity. They also recommend that all the caregivers- dads, grandparents, and childcare get the booster vaccine every 10 years. I got my booster on Thursday, so I'm all set.

I'm all packed and ready to go have this baby! Kevin also spent the weekend "nesting." He built the double stroller (with James's help) and installed the car seat and generally looked around for anything else we needed to get ready. We're ready! 16 more days though...

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