Monday, April 7, 2014

Hospital Bag 2014

After my dehydration/contractions/hospital run last Saturday, I realized it was definitely time to pack the hospital bag.

Hospital Bag 2014
Baby girl stuff thanks to family, Regan, and Cathy

For Baby:
Going home outfit, back up, socks
Hat to go home (and one for the hospital)
Scratch mittens and Baby Nail clipper
The best receiving blankets
Coat/ warm blanket
Car seat

Hospital Bag 2014
All packed!- Mostly

Hospital forms- at hospital already
ID/insurance (purse)
Hospital information (from tour?)
Something to bring home baby information

Personal clothes:
Going home outfit
Socks, Slippers?, Flip-flops
Glasses (purse)
Snacks- granola, vanilla soy milk (doesn't need refrigeration), candy

Nursing stuff:
Nursing pillow, Cover
Nursing shirt/dress, Nightgown?, Intimates

Soap, Shampoo/Conditioner, Tooth brush/tooth paste/ floss,
Lotion, razor, deodorant
Chapstick, makeup, tweezers, nail file
Hair things
Bag to bring stuff home

Camera, card, and charger (lens?)
Phone and charger

Sleep aids:
Ear plugs (for Kevin)

Hand sanitizer

Big Brother gift for James (We got him a Thomas train that works with his cheaper train set)
Gift for nurses (food- not yet packed)

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