Sunday, March 20, 2011

35 Weeks, March 13-19, 2011

Milestones: Kevin disassembled our guest room and started building the nursery stuff! I have a sneaky suspicion the baby dropped, but I didn't have a doctor's appointment this week so I don't know. I am so looking forward to my next doctor's appointment and another sonogram. Lately this is the best part of my week.
What I miss the most: Sleeping without back pain.
Craving: Fish and strawberries. Saturday I wanted a tuna fish sandwich at breakfast, though I held off until lunchtime in the name of being civilized. Then I wanted and obtained eel for dinner. That's right. For the strawberries, last week I failed at eating a carton of strawberries probably because in real life I don't actually like strawberries.  So this week I have consumed strawberry yogurt, strawberry juice, strawberry sorbet, and strawberry frozen fruit bars. This is normal right? I also had a lighter craving for a burger at the beginning of the week, which was strange only because I haven't been that interested in red meat. WATER.
Anti-craving: WATER (gives me acid reflux), Thai food seems like a terribly unexciting idea (also totally unlike me).
Symptoms: Swelled hands and knuckles.  I had a day or two of no acid reflux (amazing!), and I took advantage of it by guzzling water all day. That seems to have helped. Now I have back pain even though I sleep on my side. Shoving a pillow behind me helps but isn't always fully effective.
Baby-size: Honey dew.
Weight gain: We're not talking about it, though oddly it went down a little from last week, which might mean that I was retaining a ton of water last week.

Building Nursery Items 2011
Kevin building the diaper-changing station

If I spent the weekend doing our taxes (and my mom's) and Kevin spent the weekend building nursery furniture, are we officially million-year old suburbanites?

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