Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Will Baby Clou Look Like?

At our last doctor's appointment on Thursday, the baby had his hand over his face so we couldn't get an updated sonogram of his face. I was looking forward to getting a new picture because I am obsessed with photos because supposedly his skin is filling out now so he should look more baby-like and less old-man-like.  So let's try this mental exercise instead. I'll post my baby picture and Kevin's and you can try to imagine just how totally Asian our Irish-Cuban (Cubish, also an appropriate nickname for the baby of a bear) baby will look. Yes, Asian.

My First Picture!
Ericka, March 1979

1980 Family Photos 046
Kevin, February 1980

We don't look like we're from the same country in Asia, but that's definitely our continent. Although, we're the only ones in each of our respective families that look Asian so the baby could just look like our other family members. Maybe that's even more likely.

What do you think?


Brian J. Leung said...

I refuse to entertain any false accusations that I am the real father. ("Maury! Maury!")

eralon said...

I watched an episode after the Burke wedding. It was this amazing clip show of women who had been on the show, gotten a "Not the father!" and then returned to the show, only to be told once again, that their second possibility was also "Not the father!" Amazing.

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