Tuesday, March 1, 2011

8 Months Pregnant 2011!

32 Weeks, February 20-26, 2011

Milestone: Hiccups! Well at least I can tell they're hiccups now. Also, we went to the doctor this week and contrary to the sonogram technician's experience and expertise our special gymnast did change position from having his head down to having his back up. In fact, I would describe his position as perfectly horizontal for maximum discomfort.  Of course, my doctor took the opportunity to tell me this might result in a c-section. I get it, okay, you're itching to cut the huge horizontal baby out.

32 Weeks, Breech Horizontal Position

What I miss the most: HAAAAAAAAAAA. I will say that I have significantly lowered my standards for what qualifies as a good night's sleep. As long as I don't have to go to the living room for a few hours, I consider it "good." As such, I have had all good nights this week.  I also discovered that with enough Tums I can now sleep on my right side and not just my left side all the time. It's a huge victory.
Craving: Vanilla. Kevin discovered the most delicious Trader Joe's vanilla creme yogurt. So amazing.
Anti-craving: Water is both my craving and my anti-craving.
Symptoms: Hugeness.
Baby-size: A large jicama, but um, wth is that?
Weight gain: This game is embarrassing but 32.5 pounds.

Grandma Clou turned 57 on Sunday.  Tuesday, Wendy and Clark came out to visit us and we went for some local Thai food. It was nice to have them finally see our place and we had some good though sometimes sad conversation. On Thursday we saw our doctor for a checkup again since now we're on an every-two-weeks schedule. The next appointment will include another sonogram (my favorite photo op). We also met with a third pediatrician and we agree we liked the second one we saw the best. So now we have a baby doctor!

Flowers from Wendy and Clark 2010
Flowers from Wendy and Clark
Not pictured: the flan they also brought that I scarfed up too fast to photograph.

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