Tuesday, February 22, 2011

31 Weeks, February 13-19, 2011

Milestone: I used to be able to force bending at the waist a little. That's not really happening anymore.
What I miss the most: Being able to put on my shoes, or get out of bed, without groaning. Having the option not to waddle. Being able to drink water without feeling it burn with acid reflux.
Craving: Lots of hydration. Juice. Protein. Sleep. Sometimes I want a huge cup of coffee, but I never have more than one regular size cup a day and often none.
Anti-craving: None.
Symptoms: I think this week I learned why sometimes it's called acid reflux and sometimes it's called heartburn.I experienced it as "heartburn" once and it felt like my chest was on fire for no reason. Like stop, drop, and roll.
Baby-size: Four navel oranges, but since we know our baby is big, this might not be very accurate
Weight gain: Still 30 pounds.

We've been trying to go to museums on the discount days to soak in culture while we can, so on Sunday we went to the Frick Gallery. We drove into the city and parked but I'll confess I was extremely whiny during our five block walk to the museum. It was cold and windy and my fastest-paced waddle wasn't getting me there fast enough. The gallery is lovely and pleasantly small so it might have been the perfect pregnant field trip. It even has a little indoor garden so it is especially nice in the winter.

Monday we went out to dinner for Valentines Day at a Long Island restaurant called Bob's Restaurant. I took advantage of being dressed up to take a belly photo for your amusement. Now remember, I'm only five feet tall so I will surely tip over before this pregnancy is over. Also notice that my stomach is still square-shaped because my waist is fighting every step of this growth.

Valentines Day 2011
31 weeks and 1 day

Tuesday was Kevin's real birthday. Since we had already celebrated his birthday on Friday, and just gone out last night for Valentines Day, we kept it low-key.  I made him a big breakfast and we ordered Chinese for dinner so neither of us would have to cook and he could eat what he wanted. I also attempted to not complain about anything all day though I'm not sure if I made it or not. My memory is hazy.

Thursday and Friday we had unseasonably warm weather in the 60s so I got out both days. Thursday we met with two different pediatricians' offices and probably picked one, but we want to meet with one more before we definitely decide. Then we hit the local diner, which is dangerous for me because they have huge servings. Is it sad that I like going there because it reminds me of Tiffany's in Ramsey, New Jersey?

Friday Ash came over and it was warm enough to walk over to the nail salon in flip flops and get manicures and pedicures. I was excited about getting a pedicure because I can't reach my own toes comfortably enough to do it myself, but the pedicure chair was broken and I got stuck in 45 degree angle with the massage function set to torture. (See above comments about how I cannot bend at the waist.) It probably lasted less than a minute, but I thought I would die waiting for the jaws of life to get me out.  Ash and I spent the better part of Saturday on the couch watching a Lost, Season 1 marathon.  Though we did make it out for a pizza-ice cream-cookie-candy takeout run.


Robin said...

You look great in the belly shot!


lookin' good momma

eralon said...

Haha, you are both too kind.

Allison said...

you really look SO cute. I love that dress. Very glowy and happy. can't WAIT to see you and touch that belly!! (if that's allowed. ill ask first!)

eralon said...

Thanks! Janice actually gave me the maternity dress. Touching my belly is generally allowed to all, but it's more interesting to wait until I tell people the baby is actually doing something because he naps and lazes about a lot. Wendy felt him hiccuping last night. (The first hiccups I could identify!) Clark declined my offer as he was a little terrified.

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