Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Third Trimester 2011!

28 Weeks, January 23-29, 2011

Kevin had off this week and offered me more babymoon and stabymoon opportunities but I was pretty depressed. It felt like the loss of my grandmother made the loss of my father more difficult. I spent as much time or more crying over him. And the end of the week was dedicated to helping mom move out of Ramsey which was also sad.

Milestones: The baby's head sort of sticks out of my belly sometimes. It's a definite small smooth round bump that protrudes, usually on my right side.  The baby generally seems to be higher up than he's been.  He kicks less but wiggles and pokes frequently.

What I miss the most: Sleeping every night. Every other night I can only nap for four hours before I'm up. On the off nights I sleep through the night because I'm too exhausted not to.
Craving: Juice, Ice cream
Anti-craving: Mildly spicy food makes my acid reflux burn to new levels. It feels like my throat is on fire.
Symptoms: Lots of trouble sleeping, ACID REFLUX, achy left knee, I alternate between being full after a few bites and being suddenly starving, evening grumpiness
Baby-size: Still an eggplant
Weight gain: 25+. I was hoping to gain only 25 pounds for the whole pregnancy, but now I'm in the please-no-more-than-35 camp. At 5 feet tall, I'm going to be a living beach ball. Or maybe I am already. You be the judge.

Third Trimester 2011
28 Weeks, and my bump is still square-shaped


Chris (sy) (tine) said...

Yay - I was just about to ask for a belly shot. You are a very cute beach ball. I totally remember the feeling of missing sleep when I was pregnant, but it's going to get so much worse when the baby is born. Sorry!!!!! ): Wish I was closer so I could help out with a few night shifts when bubba arrives.

Oh, and I just check my baby blog book (that you made for me!) and I was at +25 at 28 weeks, and gained exactly 35 total. xxoo

kathy said...

You look adorable!!!

Cory said...

You look great, so don't worry about numbers.

BTW, on the subject of juice, I have a great one if you can find it. It's HEALTHY BALANCE POM/BLUEBERRY/ACAI. It tastes great but is not very acidic, which is the only downside to most grape/pom/berry juices to me. May help w/ acid reflux. And its often priced lower than most name brand juices.

Allison said...

cutest. beachball. ever.!

eralon said...

Thanks, guys.

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