Monday, February 7, 2011

29 Weeks, January 30, 2010

Baby stuff first. I've been trying to avoid anything that's not "natural" but this week I resorted to Tums for the acid reflux because the doctor was definite that it's safe and "not medicine." It worked great the first time, but it's already starting not to cut it. Despite milk, Tums, and three propped up pillows, I wake up choking sometimes. Blah.

29 Weeks 2011

Milestones: The baby's head continues to stick out of my belly usually on my right side, but sometimes on the left.  He shies away from people trying to feel him move or kick.  He's stayed high up all week.  Ever since other moms on Facebook started asking me if he's hiccuping yet, I've been on hiccup alert but I really can't tell. Sometimes I feel what could either be gentle kicks or hiccups but it's not for very long or very regular so there's nothing definitive about it.
What I miss the most: Sleeping every night. Every other night I can only nap for four hours before I'm up. On the off nights I sleep through the night because I'm too exhausted not to.
Craving: Lots of hydration. Pad see ew with beef. Poor Kevin brought home pad thai with chicken instead. Disaster.
Anti-craving: Chicken.
Symptoms: Lots of trouble sleeping, ACID REFLUX, achy left knee, Sleepiness that causes evening grumpiness
Baby-size: Butternut Squash
Weight gain: Took the week off from weighing myself, but I can see the belly getting bigger. It's so big it's scary but it's still dented where my waist is. Still.

The week started a little sad with mom's move from my hometown of Ramsey. I think the new town and apartment will be good for her though.

Leaving Ramsey 2011
Our old apartment is the second door

Later in the week we got some living room furniture delivered which was exciting since I spend so much time in the living room these days. Pictures in the next post.

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