Wednesday, May 25, 2011

James is 1 Month Old 2011

Cape Cod- May 2011
1-Month Photo

Everyone complained when I made Kevin walk out in socks, and I asked his mom to take 500 shots just to get one where they baby *still* looks angry, but now we all see it was well worth it, right?

Milestones: The baby had three big firsts this week. He had his first trip to the Cape, definitively started smiling at us (not just smiling from gas), and had his first tub bath this week.  He's also awake and aware more often now, he looks around during his daily outside walks instead of just sleeping through them, and he started showing some interest in his activity mat. Oh, and most importantly, first smiling photo!

His neck is growing stronger, and he focuses on people's faces more. He smiles more often with gas, but doesn't smile out of happiness yet.  He occasionally lets us change his diaper without screaming. His bellybutton is finally completely healed. Generally though, he has no new tricks. He hasn't even figured out his hands are under his control yet.

James at 26 Days 2011

With my baby boy!, 3 weeks + 5 Days

Cape Cod- May 2011
Check out his awesome sweater from his Great-Great Aunt Barbara

Cape Cod- May 2011
James is feeling a little dubious about the swing (from Casey and Victoria- thanks!)

James at 5 Weeks 2011
First tub bath! SMILING! And look how Austin Powers this photo is!

Even though I mostly gave him the bath, there are no photos with me- it's the downside to being the family photographer.

Best Moment: Kevin was burping James and he accidentally made a noise that sounded like a word. It sounded like "boobies," though Kevin wouldn't agree. Both of Kevin and I immediately reacted with wide eyes and started laughing. It makes me excited for when he really does start talking.

James at 25 Days 2011
Tummy-down Back-pat

Weekly Wisdom: James's fussiness is increasing. In fact, Wednesday, his 4-week birthday, was his worst day ever to date. He screamed for hours with no solution. But we have incorporated everyone's advice into our routine to quiet him so I will list it for other parents and potential parents. Once we know he is fed, changed, burped, and entertained we then try the following (in no particular order):
  1. walking while bouncing him (usually effective for the duration of the walk-and-bounce, but he's really heavy and my body has not recovered yet so this can be excruciating for me)
  2. tummy time (usually a fail but good for him anyway)
  3. patting him tummy-down on our lap (works for 5 seconds)
  4. putting him back down on our lap and bicycling his legs (5 seconds)
  5. taking him out in his stroller (effective for most of the duration of the walk unless he gets hungry or gets gas)
  6. taking him for a car ride (we're too lazy to do this unless we actually need to go somewhere, but it's always effective and sometimes beyond the length of the car ride UNLESS we get stuck in traffic then it's traffic hell with a screaming baby)
  7. bouncing him like mad in his bouncy chair (results vary)
  8. letting him breastfeed, not because he's hungry but to soothe him (usually a fail)
  9. handing him off to anyone else (works for me, but not so well for them)
  10. we do not yet have a baby swing, but by God we're getting one
James at 24 Days 2011
James, 3 weeks + 3 days, pretending to be reasonable

I also like the Moby Wrap his great-auntie Mary gave him. It's good for when he's dozing off but won't let me put him down.  I can put him in it, he sleeps, and I still have use of my hands and legs.  Sadly, I can't use it when he's fussy, because then I'm just closely strapped to a screaming baby and that's worse than not being strapped to one.

James at 25 Days 2011

Visitors: James had an active week of meeting friends.  On Friday, Ash and Michele came to see him for the first time.  He promptly greeted Ash by simultaneously throwing up and pooping (through his onesie) on her. Yay, Ash!  He was kinder to Michele.

Then on Monday, Rachel and Eleanor came over to meet James.  It was his first play-date! Except he doesn't play yet, and Eleanor is too advanced to be very interested in him.

James at 23 Days 2011
Ash, happy before James attacked her

James at 23 Days 2011
James, checking out Michele

James at 26 Days 2011
I'm holding Eleanor and Rachel is holding James
Who would have guessed it when Rachel and I met in Spain in 2000?

James is now 5 weeks old!


Katie Clancy said...

Go to and watch the video. Major points I got from the book:
1. The first 3 months are really the 4th trimester.
2. The jiggling that soothes a baby best looks more like knocking his brain around in his head, but I swear to God it works.
3. The 'shushing' that works is a lot louder than I would have thought, but I didn't know about babies' hearing.
4. Same with the swinging. They want you to swing 'em like ya mean it. We treat these babies like they're made of China, but look what they went through on the first day!
5. He mentions The 5 S's, but leaves out the 6th: Swearing. I found that to be very soothing.

Rachel said...

Also, pay attention to what you're eating - could be he's fussier on days you eat things that are gassier than others - neither of my kids did well with asparagus, broccoli, beans or brussel sprouts when they were that small. Also, Eleanor was sensitive if I ate more dairy that usual on a given day.

Hope the swing helps too - my kids were addicts!

We sure weren't thinking about kiddos on that infamous gin night :-)

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