Wednesday, May 4, 2011

James is 2 Weeks Old 2011

James at 10 Days 2011
1 week + 3 days, be still my heart

Milestones: First time taking the baby outside for a walk last Thursday, and first vaccine yesterday. His eyes seem to be turning from gray to brown now.

First Outside Walk 2011
Before our walk

Weekly Wisdom: If you have a boy, it would behoove you to learn to change a diaper at lightening speed.  Covering him only works sometimes. Also, wait until you're pretty sure a baby has finished pooping before changing him.

When the baby naps always eat if you're hungry or will be soon.  Showering, cleaning, everything else is secondary.

Baby will always behave better for his father to make the mother look bad.

People are not exaggerating when they comment on how hard babies are. But also, some babies are harder than others. I realize mine isn't even that hard relatively speaking, so I can't imagine what people with preemies, colicky babies, or (goodness help you) twins go through. This is what makes it hard: the SCREAMING. If you are not holding them, feeding them, changing them, burping them, gazing lovingly into their eyes, while entertaining them, SIMULTANEOUSLY they will scream.  Also, if you hold them, feed them, change them, burp them, gaze lovingly into their eyes, or entertain them in a way they somehow find inadequate they will scream. You can't win. You can only dance like a puppet for them and hope for the best.

I ate organic everything during my pregnancy, but since I've had the baby I've had to be on numerous supplements and drugs which is depressing. The doctors insist none of it affects the baby, so let's hope they're right. And despite my best intention to do all breastfeeding, the discovery that babies sleep better with a tummy full of formula has made me a formula-at-night disciple.  I still feed the baby breast milk during the day because it's healthier, but I'm pretty sure this is a big part why days are so hard with the baby.

James at 13 Days 2011
Who, me?

Best moment/s: Both grandmothers took turns staying with us last week and this week. God bless grandmothers.

Kevin and I had a "final" date on Thursday before his mom left. Even though we correctly predicted we would mainly talk about the baby, you know what, we LIKE mainly talking about the baby. We made him and he's awesome, and he's our new mutual favorite interest.

After James's last feeding on Monday, I had my drink: Baileys, Kahlua and milk.  It was a tiny on the rocks glass but since it was my first drink since July 11, 2010, I was totally silly from it. That was pretty great.

Worst moment/s: The last day of grandmother help this Sunday. I'm really screwed on the days Kevin is at work now. Monday was bad and today was worse. Kevin is holding him right now so I don't have to check into an insane asylum. I am multitasking by eating while I type this.

Visitors: Kevin's mom, my mom, Roger. We introduced him to our next door neighbors

Roger Meets James 2011
Roger and James meet

Baby-size: 9 lbs 11 ounces, as of yesterday, so probably back to his birth weight today. At 22" he's grown an inch as well!
Weight: -21 out of  42, 21 to go. I swear I haven't done a thing to try to lose weight because I'm afraid of not making enough milk if I do.

By the way, you might be wondering how I had time to write this.  I've been writing the post in 5 minute increments throughout the week because this is the best way to find time, but also so I don't forget what happened.

James at 13 Days 2011
1 week + 6 Days


Robin said...

love all his facial expressions!

Elaine said...

I had little knowledge of newborns when I had Griffin.The screaming was a bit of a shock. No earsplitting noise compares to what an unhappy newborn can achieve.Formula at night makes him sleep? Wish I had known that trick. Extreme sleep deprivation is the other dirty secret of newborn-hood. I remember walking around in a semi-zombie-like state that was kind of dangerous for someone taking care of a baby. I kept saying to Richard "It's a good thing he's cute." James sure resembles Kevin in these pictures.He looks like a looong baby, especially in the last pic. Beautiful!

eralon said...

I discovered the formula trick through observation because I had to supplement initially, but his pediatrician confirmed that it's true. My real secret weapon is that Kevin helps A LOT when he's home even though he's also working.

Chris (sy) (tine) said...

He is so adorable!!! And, dare I say he looks skinny in his bouncer? Good luck with your days without Kevin. I remember how hard those were. Thinking of you lots!!

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